Compression-RSA technique: A more efficient encryption-decryption procedure

Arif Mandangan, and Loh Chai Mei, and Chang Ee Hung, and Che Haziqah Che Hussin, (2014) Compression-RSA technique: A more efficient encryption-decryption procedure. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1602. pp. 50-55. ISSN 0094243X

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The efficiency of encryption-decryption procedures has become a major problem in asymmetric cryptography. Compression-RSA technique is developed to overcome the efficiency problem by compressing the numbers of kplaintext, where k ∈ Z+ and k > 2, becoming only 2 plaintext. That means, no matter how large the numbers of plaintext, they will be compressed to only 2 plaintext. The encryption-decryption procedures are expected to be more efficient since these procedures only receive 2 inputs to be processed instead of kinputs. However, it is observed that as the numbers of original plaintext are increasing, the size of the new plaintext becomes bigger. As a consequence, it will probably affect the efficiency of encryption-decryption procedures, especially for RSA cryptosystem since both of its encryption-decryption procedures involve exponential operations. In this paper, we evaluated the relationship between the numbers of original plaintext and the size of the new plaintext. In addition, we conducted several experiments to show that the RSA cryptosystem with embedded Compression-RSA technique is more efficient than the ordinary RSA cryptosystem. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Asymmetric cryptography; Continued-fraction; Euclidean algorithm
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