Fishes associated with seagrass habitat in Sulaman Bay,Tuaran

Precinia Patrick (2010) Fishes associated with seagrass habitat in Sulaman Bay,Tuaran. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The objectives of this study are to determine the biodiversity of the fish species in the seagrass habitat of Sulaman Bay and to understand how the fishes use that area. To achieve the objectives, a special beam trawl was constructed to trawl inside the Sulaman Bay. Three sites that have been identified as seagrass area were chosen and 4 sampling dates according to moon phase were determined. The fishes caught were identified, and overall number of fishes was counted to analyzed indicates the biodiversity. Common indices such as Shannon-Wiener diversity index and Pielou's evenness index were calculated to determine the diversity of the fishes of seagrass habitat in Sulaman Bay. The mean water parameter throughout the study is 29.70 °C for temperature, 49.49 mS/cm (conductivity), 25.21 tds ppt (tubidity), 32.12 (salinity), 71.59% (dissolved oxygen), and pH 8.69. 319 fishes were caught and preserved. The fish represent 51 species from 24 identified families. The Shannon-Wiener diversity index is 1.4 whereas the Pielou's evenness number is 0.36. This result indicates that the biodiversity of the seagrass habitat in Sulaman Bay is high and fairly evenly distributed. The results include different sizes of individuals range from nine mm to 654 mm. For example, the most fish caught is from Gobiidae family. This results shows that they are the residents of the seagrass habitat. As a conclusion, the seagrass habitat of Sulaman Bay has a high biodiversity and many fishes found there use the habitat for various purposes.

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