General geology and sedimentologi along Bintulu-Tatau road, Bintulu, Sarawak

Chin, Pei Tze (2011) General geology and sedimentologi along Bintulu-Tatau road, Bintulu, Sarawak. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The study area is bounded by latitude of N 3° 05' to N 3° 10' and the longitude of E 113° 01' to E 113° 06'. It is located along Bintulu-Tatau Road, Bintulu, Sarawak. This area comprises about 100 kilometres square which represents the Nyalau Formation which is Early Oligocene to Middle Miocene in age. Structural analysis indicates that the major compressional force is North West-South East (NW-SE) in direction. The facies analysis is done by using parameters such as geometry of rock unit, lithology, sedimentary structures and fossil. The Nyalau Formation can be divided into four main facies, which are Thick Sandstones Facies (Facies A), Interbedded of Sandstones and Shale Facies (Facies B), Heterolithic Fades (Facies C) and Shale Facies (Facies D). Facies A is characterized by the thickness of sand from 1 m until 3 m. Facies 8 is subdivided into Interbedded of thick sandstones and thin shale (Facies B), Interbedded of thin sandstones and thin shale, 50:50 (Fades B₂) and interbedded of thick shale and thin sandstones (Facies B₅), Facies C is characterized by flaser and lenticular laminated sandstones. Facies D is characterized by laminated shale intercalated with thin bedding of mixed sandstones and siltstones. The fades association consists of channel-levee deposit, migration and progradation of sand bar, tidal flat deposit, and lagoonal deposit. The vertical sequence shows that the fining upwards sequence (FUS) is more dominant than coarsening upwards sequence (CUS) which indicates that delta plain occurred within the study area. For the petrographic analysis, the sandstone of Nyalau Formation within the study area is classified as sublithic-arenite. It is chemically and texturally matured. Besides, it is Originated from recycled orogen.

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