Isolation of potential endophytic bacteria of oil palm against ganoderma boninense

Ngu, Wang Hoe (2012) Isolation of potential endophytic bacteria of oil palm against ganoderma boninense. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Fifteen culturable endophytic bacteria were isolated from symptomless roots of oil palm sampled from oil palm plantation site located at the School of Sustainable Agriculture, Sandakan campus of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Characterizations of the bacterial isolates were carried out based on morphological characteristics, including colony colour, elevation, margin and the appearance displayed on nutrient agar and potato dextrose agar media. Dual culture test was carried out on PDA media to select isolate with antagonistic charactera gainst Ganoderma boninense.Results revealed degrees of inhibition toward mycelial growth of G. boninense vary accordingly to the bacterial isolates. Among the fifthteen isolated endophytic bacteria, only two bacterial isolates (P�₅ and P�₈) showed potential inhibitory effect against G. boninense with their percentage inhibitions of radial growth (PIRG) recorded were more than 50% in both dual culture and culture filtrate tests. There was significantly difference in inhibitory effect (P<0.05) for dual culture test and in culture filtrate test. The isolated P�₅ and P�₈ were further investigated in greenhouse trial. Results from in planta greenhouse trial further suggested that isolate P�₅ and P�₈ were capable to increase vegetative growth of oil palm seedlings while providing early protection against G. boninense infection. They play a role in keeping the G. boninense population below threshold for Basal Stem Rot (BSR) initiation by restricting its entry and movement in the seedlings.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords: endophytic bacteria, oil palm plantation, root, Ganoderma boninense
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
Divisions: FACULTY > Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
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