Maize response to soil amended with biochar and triple superphosphate fertilizer

Thien, Nyuk Yen (2011) Maize response to soil amended with biochar and triple superphosphate fertilizer. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This study was conducted to evaluate the agronomic value of rice husk biochar and Triple Superphosphate( TSP) fertilizer application on the growth and yield of maize. This pot study used a completely randomized design as a factorial experiment which took about 11 weeks. The two factors involved were: (i) biochar using three application rates - 0% (B0), 5% (B1) and 10% (B2) w/w of soil and (ii) four rates of TSP application -0 (P0), 30 (P1), 60 (P2) and 120 (P3) kg ha-1 each replicated four times. Total dry weight (TDW), cob dry weight (CDW), plant height, total phosphorus in leaves (TPL) and total phosphorus in soil (TPS) were measured and all data were analyzed by using ANOVA at 5% level of significance. All results are reported here on per plant basis. There was a significant interaction between biochar and TSP for plant height with B2P2 resulting in the highest mean plant height of 208.8 cm. The lowest mean height (20.4 cm) was observed for the control treatment (B0P0). Across the TSP rates, significant differences were observed only for TDW and TPL. While for the biochar, TDW, CDW, TPL and TPS increased significantly with increased biochar rate and treatment B2 always showing significantly higher results. For BO, B1 and B2, TDW was 4.70,121.57 and 186.31 g; CDW was 1.19,37.28 and 48.99 g respectively. Addition of 10% (w/w) biochar resulted in 38.1% and 16% more TPL than the 0% and 5% (w/w) biochar respectively. The TPS was significantly higher for 10% (w/w) biochar (41.83 ppm) compared to 0% biochar (32.01 ppm), but was not significantly different from 5% (w/w) biochar (38.44 ppm). It can be concluded that biochar application to soil significantly enhanced the growth, yield and phosphorus nutrient uptake by maize plants. This interaction between biochar and TSP needs further investigation

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Uncontrolled Keywords: rice husk biochar, Triple Superphosphate, fertilizer, maize
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