Effect of culture media type on mycelial growth and spawn substrates of Volvariella volvacea

Yap, Wai Mun (2013) Effect of culture media type on mycelial growth and spawn substrates of Volvariella volvacea. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)



Culture and spawn quality are the most important factors in mushroom production industry. This research was focused on effect of different types of culture media and spawn substrate on the mycelial growth of wild-strained paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea).The objectives of this research were to reduce the time required for cultivation cycle and proposed a best culture media and spawn substrate for Volvariella volvacea based on the findings. Wild-strained paddy mushroom was collected from oil palm waste and cultured. The strain multiply from mycelium culture technique was inoculated on five types of culture media and four various spawn substrates. The culture media are Water agar, Sabouraud agar, Potato Dextrose Agar, Streptomycin agar and Hydrogen Peroxide agar. The spawn substrates were corn, canary seed, paddy seed and proso millet. The mycelial growth was observed on selected date for assessment of the culture and spawn quality. The analysis of data revealed that all treatment had significant effects on mycelial growth for both test at significant level p=0.05. Sabouraud agar was the best culture medium as it showed good rhizomorphic growth, pure, compact, show good mycelial extension and no sporulation and aerial growth occurred. Meanwhile, proso millet was the best substrate for spawn production in this research because it produced good rhizomorphism and showed no sign of aerial growth and sporulation. Spawn producers are suggested to multiply paddy straw mushroom of this strain using Sabouraud agar and proso millet.

Item Type:Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords:culture media, spawn substrate, mycelial growth, cultivation cycle, paddy straw mushroom
Subjects:S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
Divisions:FACULTY > Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
ID Code:17402
Deposited By:Munira M
Deposited On:21 Jun 2017 11:59
Last Modified:21 Jun 2017 11:59

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