Studies on the durability of Acacia hybrid woods through environmental friendly oil-heat treatment process

Farah Wahida Ayob, (2009) Studies on the durability of Acacia hybrid woods through environmental friendly oil-heat treatment process. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

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The durability of oil-heat treated Acacia hybrid wood, an important plantation species in Sabah, was tested using in-vitro techniques against three different wood decay fungi (P. sanguineus,C . versicolor and G. trabeum).T o determine the effectiveness of the treatments , 900 wood blocks of Acacia hybrid («1.0 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm) were soaked into boiling palm oil with different temperature range between 180°C - 220°C and period between 30 - 90 min before exposed to the fungal cultures for 12 weeks. Results from the in-vitro tests showed that massive colonization by fungi on woodblocks affected the weight loss of samples from top, middle and bottom portion of trees, with a range of 2.89 - 10.59%, 4.67-20.33% and 4.27-20.55% (P. sanguineus); 3.26-15.42%, 3.88-16.84% and 4.69-18.79% (C. versicolor) and 0.88-4.94%, 1.22-5.29% and 1.22-4.89% (G. trabeum). The percentage of moisture contents of the oil heat treated Acacia hybrid wood had decreased in relation to the treatment given (5.96%, 5.61% and 4.40%) compared to untreated samples (12.04%, 13% and 13.48%) for top, middle and bottom portion respectively. A lesser amount of weight loss indicated greater durability of woods in relation to the treatment given, subsequently implied the potential of the heat treatment in improving resistance of Acacia hybrid woods against wood decay fungi.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: in-vitro techniques, wood, oil-heat, plantation species, treatment, Acacia hybrid
Subjects: S Agriculture > SD Forestry
Divisions: FACULTY > Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
Depositing User: Munira
Date Deposited: 09 Feb 2018 07:00
Last Modified: 09 Feb 2018 07:00

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