Treatment Of Anaerobic palm oil mill effluent using several Polymers

Abu Zahrim Yaser, and Rosalam Hj. Sarbatly, and Nurmin Bolong, (2011) Treatment Of Anaerobic palm oil mill effluent using several Polymers. (Unpublished)

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Palm oil mills industry generates large amounts of highly polluting effiuent and usual1y it is being treated in anaerobic ponding/tank system to reduce the pollutants. However, the colour from anaerobic effiuent (AnPOME) become dark brownish. Beside lignin and tannin, anaerobic digestion product like melanoidin might be contributed to the effluent appearance. Since public always assume that dark colour effluent is an indicator of water pollution, it is important to find a way for AnPOME decolourisation. Several treatments such as coagulation/flocculation, dissolved air flotation, Fenton oxidation, ultrafiltration and adsorption have been studied. Integrated system has been shown to be necessary for effective AnPOME decolourisation. Based on literature, application of polymer as pre-treatment may useful in this regards. The analysis of the POME from each ponds revealed that the removal of lignin-tannin is found to be significantly unchanged after anaerobic ponds. Furthennore, the anaerobically treated palm oil mill effiuent (AnPOME) was in dark brown colour and high organic matter load. Therefore, coagulation/flocculation process was carried out as a treatment for the AnPOME. A non-toxic coagulant i.e. calcium lactate was chosen as a coagulant and five types of cationic/anionic polyacrylamides (PAM) (QF25610, QF24807, QF23912, AN1500 and AN I 800) as flocculants. Coagulants dosage and sedimentation time were studied in order to detennine the optimum conditions. The study revealed that the addition of polymer as flocculants expedite sedimentation process. The optimum sedimentation time was one hour and cationic polyacrylamide (QF2561 0) was found to be the best polymer with LMMCC, lignin-tannin, NH3-N and COD removal with 53%,56%,52% and 69%, respectively.

Item Type: Research Report
Uncontrolled Keywords: Anaerobic effiuent (AnPOME) , palm oil , palm oil mill effiuent, coagulatin, flocculation, anaerobic digestion, deco lourisation
Subjects: T Technology > TP Chemical technology
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