The response of Muslim countries to the Bosnian crisis

W. Shawaluddin W. Hassan, The response of Muslim countries to the Bosnian crisis. (Unpublished)

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Bosnia was politically and religiously insignificant to many Muslims. However, this scenario changed when the Serbs had subscribed to the idea of Greater Serbia and resorted to ethnic cleanse the Bosnia Muslims and Croatian Catholics by torture , rape, and murder. Muslim countries with the spirit of Islamic Brotherhood responded strongly to their brothers and sisters plight and sufferings. They condemned Western powers for their failure to stop the atrocities and launched initiatives through diplomatic efforts, provided troops to the UN peace efforts, provided financial and political aids, and took in refugees. This paper argues that Islam was the dominant factor in pushing Muslims countries to stop Bosnia from falling to the Serbs. This paper stipulates that supporting alone is not enough in resolVing the Bosnian crisis in 1995.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Bosnia , Muslims , ethni-cleanse , Islamic Brotherhood
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism
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