Productive and reproductive performance of meat goat at Rosmin's farm Sandakan

Nur Ain Abd Ghani, (2017) Productive and reproductive performance of meat goat at Rosmin's farm Sandakan. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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A field experiment was conducted at Rosmin's goat farm, Sandakan, Sabah to investigate the productive and reproductive perfonnance of meat goat. The objectives of this study were to study the productive and reproductive performance of meat goat and to find out the relationship among all reproductive parameter of bucks. The data collected for the study was compiled, tabulated and analyzed in accordance with the objectives of the study. Descriptive statistics such as number, percentage distribution, mean, standard deviation were performed. The basic information of the goats were collected once such as body weight and ages by dentition. This experiment was run for 6 months starting from April until October 2016. The data of productive parameters such as kids body weight and milk production were collected every 2 weeks while birth weight was collected when does was delivered. The data of reproductive parameter was examined on bucks in the flock such as body sizes measurement; body condition score (BCS), chest girth (CG), body length (BL) height at wither (HlW) and parameter of scrotal measurements; scrotal circumference (SC), scrotum shape (55), scrotum anatomy (SA) and scrotal length (SL). Microsoft excel was used to analyzed the Mean ± SD of body weight, milk production, birth weight and kids body weight. Average weight for goats of under 1 year old was 17.83±5.85 kg (female) and 18.14±6.97 kg (male), 1 - 2 years old 25.67±3.11 kg (female) and 21.00±0.00 kg (male), >2-3 years old 38.00±7.93 kg (female) with no male,3 years old 41.89±10.29 kg (female) and 50.50±6.36 kg (male). The result showed that average body weight of kids was 33.97±1.24 kg (male kids) and 31.07±6.71 kg (female kids) which making the pattern of male body weight gain was higher than female. Male kids were born with heavier body weight compared to female kids. Average number of birth weight of newborn kids was 2.03±1.26 kg and 1.85±1.42 kg for male and female. Average milk yield obtained by kids suckling method was 1618.33±0.35 ml per Boer kid per day and 436.67±1.14 ml per Katjang kid per day. The amount of milk yield decrease as the kids grown up and reaching weaning ages. Reproductive parameter of buck shows a highly significant (p<0.01) correlation coefficient of r=0.884 for CG versus BW; BL and BW (r=0.972); HW and BW (r=0.978). Negative correlation or no relationship between BCS and BW (r=-0.225, p>0.05) also non-significant (p>0.05) low to moderate r values were obtained for BL and BCS (r=-0.447), CG and BCS (r=0.257) and HW versus BCS (r=- 0.425). Positive and highly significant (SL and SC; r=0.873. p<0.01) and also were established between SC and BW (r=0.658); BCS versus SC (r=0.585) and also SL with BW (r= 0.942). A highly significant was shown by the testicular measurement with body length, chest girth and also height at wither which were (r=0.837, p<0.01) for SL and BL,(r=0.934, p<0.01) for CG and SC, (r=0.989, p<0.01) for SL and CG, also (r=0.850, p<0.01) for HW and SL. Lower significant showed by SC versus BL (r=0.463, p<0.05) and (r=0.485, p<0.05) by HW and SC. However, a negative relationship was observed between BCS versus SL (r=0.115, p>0.05).

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