Productive and reproductive performance of dairy goat at Az-Zahra Farm Sandakan

Nur Afini Ahmad Akhir, (2017) Productive and reproductive performance of dairy goat at Az-Zahra Farm Sandakan. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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A field experiment was conducted at Az-Zahra Farm, Sandakan, Sabah to investigate the productive and reproductive performance of dairy goat. The objectives of this study were to study the productive and reproductive parameter of dairy goat and to find out the relationship among productive and reproductive parameters of dairy goat under village condition in Sandakan. The data collected for the study was compiled, tabulated and analysed in accordance with the objectives of the study. Descriptive statistics such as number, percentage distribution, mean, standard deviation were performed. The basic information of the goats were collected once such as body weight and ages by dentition. This experiment was run for 7 months starting from April until November 2016. The data of productive parameters such as body weight at different ages were collected once in June 2016 while birth weight was collected when does was delivered and for milk production of each individual per day was collected and recorded in three months started from August until October 2016. The data of reproductive parameters such as age at puberty, duration of estrus period, length of estrus cycle, age at first kidding, gestation length, litter size and kid mortality rate have been observed during this study. Microsoft excel 2013 was used to analysed the mean ± standard deviation of body weight and milk production. T-test was also conducted for evaluating the statistical significant difference between the groups. Result clearly indicate that body weight increases proportionately with the advancement of age and there was highly significant (P<0.01) when compare between body weight of females and males at different ages. For milk production, the highest daily milk yield was found at 2 to 3 years old and dam with multiple kids had more milk yield than dam with single kid. While for the data of reproductive performance, estrus cycle of Saanen goats was 21 days, the average estrus period duration was recorded as 2.75 days, age at puberty of Saanen goats in this study was 8.33 months, first kidding age was found 14.2 months and gestation period was 150 days on average. The result for litter size showed as dam age increase, the litter size at birth also increase. Meanwhile, birth weight mean increased as age of dam increased from 2.85 kg in 1 year olds to 3.26 kg in 3 year olds. Result also showed male kids were heavier than females (3.23±0.62 vs. 2.75±0.58 kg) and single kids (3.07±0.66 kg) were heavier than twin kids (2.70±0.28 kg). Low mortality rate of kids was also recorded in this farm (6.4%). Finally, it can be concluded that the overall productive and reproductive performance of Saanen goats in Az-Zahra farm is reasonable and the variation recorded in different parameters is very much usual.

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