Factors contributing to Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom in Sepanggar Bay

Lee, Siow Ling (2007) Factors contributing to Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom in Sepanggar Bay. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The objective of this dissertation is to study the factors controlling Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom. Cochlodinium polykrikoides was first reported in Sabah water end of 2003. The species is since recurring in our waters. C. polykrikoides do not release toxin but it had caused losses in mariculture activities in Japan and Korea tlirough killing fishes by suffocation. The red discolouration is observed again during May - June , 2006 in a shallow coastal waters of Sepanggar Bay was also caused by C. polykrikoides. In this study, red water discolouration were observed two days after two rainy days with a seawater temperature of 29 to 31°C. Salinity is of 30.53-33.11 psu. Average DO and pH in this study is 5.9 mg/L and 8.07. Waters of low turbidity(20-40 psu) favoured the bloom of C. polykrikoides according to this finding. Nutrient concentration range during the bloom were 0.0051-0.0085 μM/L phosphate , and 0.0185-0.0328 μM/L nitrate. The shift in the phytoplankton community structure also contribute to the bloom. However, these factors sometimes work jointly to give an interaction effect. Abundance of C. polykrikoides ranged from 7 to 1893 /cells ml�¹. In this study, comparison of C. polykrikoides bloom between station 1 at cage culture and station 2 without cage culture shows that nutrient is a dominant factor in station 1, whereas pH and DO is the main factors in station 2. Anthropogenic activities such as eutrophication caused by water discharge in this shallow coastal area, and nutrient enrichment in the cage culture area ; year-long sunlight, as well as effects from precipitation and wind stress, coupled with the ideal seawater properties,could have favored the outbreak of this dinoflagellate.

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