Isolation of novel dinucleotide tandem repeat sequences from the pineapple genome

Lee, Ting Ting (2007) Isolation of novel dinucleotide tandem repeat sequences from the pineapple genome. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The aim of this research is to develop micro satellites marker for pineapple and the information develop from this research will be useful to improve the quality of the crop. Microsatellite is a type of DNA markers consists of several important features which make them useful in plant genetic studies such as population analysis, genetic mapping, paternity analysis, germplasm characterization, marker assisted breeding and varietals identification. Microsatellites loci can be isolated using a simple and fast technique, 5' – anchored PCR developed by Fisher et al. (1996). In this research, a single degenerate primer, PCT7 [5 '-KKVRVRV(AC)10�³'] was used and the PCR program was optimized. A total of 13 micro satellites (dinucleotide and trinucleotide) were isolated. Four plasmid DNA contained inserts were successfully sequenced. Similarity tests (BLAST) were performed and the E-values showed that there were no significantly similarities founded. These newly isolated sequences (ACPCT72, ACPC73, ACPCT74 and ACPCT79) were deposited into the GenBank database. The GenBank accession numbers obtained were EF032604, EF032605, EF032606 and EF032607. Four specific primer pairs (ACPCT72, ACPCT73, ACPCT79A and ACPCT79B) were designed and synthesized. A total of 15 individuals of pineapple were successfully amplified using the primer pairs. In conclusion, the 5' -anchored PCR proved to be a simple, rapid and efficient method to isolate the microsatellites. The specific designed primer pairs will be used to study the genetic variation in local pineapple populations and serve as an important genetic marker for quality improvement purpose.

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