Determination of essential minerals in brown and polished rice varieties in Sabah

Umrajaisha Fajrudeen, (2011) Determination of essential minerals in brown and polished rice varieties in Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Concentration level and distribution of essential minerals Na, K, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, and Cr were evaluated in five varieties of brown and polished rice namely TR8, MR159, TQR-1, TQR-2 and IR72 which is collected from Agriculture Research Department, Tuaran. Analyses of these rice samples were done by using 65% nitric acid digestion method before being detected by the Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometry (ICPMS). The concentration level of the essential mineral analysed and converted to mg/g. It was well investigated and analysed that K mineral proved to show the highest concentration value in MR159 variety of brown rice compared to Na, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, and Cr with average concentration value of 1368.02mg/g. Likewise, the highest concentration of mineral in TR8, TQR-1, TQR-2 and IR72 variety in brown rice is the K mineral which are 75.72 mg/g, 81.45 mg/g, 52.53 mg/g and 61.26mg/g respectively. The highest concentration level of mineral is showed also by K in the polished rice TQR-2 variety with average concentration value 302.67.17 mg/g. Likewise, the highest concentration of K mineral in TR8, MR159, TQR-1 and IR72 variety in polished rice which are 266.17mg/g, 264.90mg/g, 185.73mg/g and 253.21mg/g respectively. From the value it can be clearly seen that the K concentration shows significant difference (p<0.05) among rice varieties for both brown and polished rice. Concentration of K in brown rice variety is very much higher than in the polished rice variety with significant difference (p<0.05). As a whole, the concentration essential mineral trend for polished rice samples K> Na>Mg>Zn>Fe>Mn>Cu>Cr. However, the trend of essential minerals concentration in brown rice samples are K>Mg>Na>Mn>Zn>Fe>Cr>Cu. From the result obtained, it can be concluded that the K mineral concentration overrule Na, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn and Cr mineral level in both the polished and brown rice. In conclusion iron is the element which highly contributes to the RDA value which is about 75.72% for brown rice samples and 37.12% for polished rice samples.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords: mineral, brown rice, chemical, nutrient
Subjects: T Technology > TX Home economics > Nutrition. Foods and food supply
Divisions: SCHOOL > School of Food Science and Nutrition
Date Deposited: 05 Jun 2013 07:16
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2017 09:40

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