Physicochemical characteristics of acid mine drainages (AMD) and amd-receiving river waters in Ranau, Sabah

Lim, Kah Ling (2007) Physicochemical characteristics of acid mine drainages (AMD) and amd-receiving river waters in Ranau, Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Selected physicochemical characteristics of AMD and river water samples from Ranau, Sabah were analyzed according to APHA methods. The results showed that the AMDs at the Mamut Copper Mine have low pH (PH 2.77 - 4.26), high total acidity (50.0 - 1557.5 mgL-1 CaCO3), high TDS (0.16 - 2.42 gL-1), high Ec (0.32 - 4.86 mScm-1), high concentration of dissolved sulphate (202.94 - 5147.06 mgL-1), and elevated concentration of dissolved Cu (0.82 - 27.34 mg mL-1), Zn (0.29 -7.59 mg mL-1) and Fe (0.03 - 12.51 mg mL-1). The total acidity of the AMD samples is strongly correlated with dissolved metals concentration, TDS and Ec, but there is no apparent relationship with pH. The higher the total acidity, the greater the acid buffering ability of the AMD samples. Except for Mamut-Langanan River, which is highly impacted by AMD from the mine, the water of other main rivers in the area have high pH (pH 7.21 - 7.58), high alkalinity (22.67 - 59.33 mgL-1 CaCO3), low TDS (0.03 - 0.33 gL-1), low Ec (0.07 - 0.66 mScm-1), low dissolved sulphate (4.0 - 244 mgL-1), and low dissolved Cu (0.001 -0.014 mg mL-1), Zn (0.000 - 0.026 mg mL-1 and Fe (0.000 - 0.012 mg mL-1). Comparatively, the pH, alkalinity, TDS, Ec, dissolved sulphate, Cu, Zn, and Fe of Mamut-Langanan River is 4.78, 1.17 mgL-1 CaCO3, 0.29gL-1 , 0.59 mScm-1, 258 mgL-1, 0.734 mg mL-1, 0.473 mg mL-1, and 0.014 mg Ml-1, respectively. The impact of AMD, however, was less apparent downstream of this river.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: acid mine drainage, physicochemical characteristic, pH, alkalinity, total acidity
Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
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