Physicochemical properties of two different cultivars of local durian of Sabah (Durio Zibethinus), D-24 and durian putih

Lim, Koon Eaik (2010) Physicochemical properties of two different cultivars of local durian of Sabah (Durio Zibethinus), D-24 and durian putih. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Two types of local durian of Sabah (Durio zibethinus), durian putih and 0-24 were studied. The aim of the study is to determine nutrient composition of durian putih and 0-24 and also determine the fatty acids of durian putih. Oven drying method was used for moisture determination, ash was determined by using dry ashing method, vitamin C was determined by using 2,6-Oichloroindophenol Titrimetric method, crude protein was determined by using Kjeldahl method, Soxhlet method was used to determine the crude lipid content, Fiberbag system was used to determine crude fiber, Enzymatic Gravimetric method was used for dietary fiber determination. Durian putih was found to contain 58.444% of moisture content, 11.725% of crude protein, 1.844% of crude lipid, 3.919% of crude fiber, 2.653% of dietary fiber, 0.754% of ash, 23.311% of carbohydrate and 15.513mg/100g of vitamin C while the 0-24 contain 62.958% of moisture content, 11.508% of crude protein, 3.970% of crude lipid, 2.783% of crude fiber, 1.690% of dietary fiber, 0.942% of ash, 17.837% of carbohydrate and 18.846mg/l00g of vitamin C. Results showed the moisture content, dietary fiber, ash and carbohydrate of these two cultivars have significant difference (P<0.05). 0-24 content higher amount of moisture, dietary fiber and ash than durian putih while durian putih content higher carbohydrate content than D-24. Fatty acids content of durian putih were identified by using Gas Chromatography. Saturated fatty acids and unsaturated acids were both found in durian putih. Durian putih was found to contain butyric acid, caprolic acid, capric acid, tridecanoic acid, myristic acid, palmitoleic acid, heptadecanoic acid, elaidic acid, oleic acid, lenolelaidic acid, arachidic acid and gamma-linolenic acid.

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