Penghasilan dan kajian kesan suhu penyimpanan serta pembungkusan berbeza ke atas sayur-sayuran yang terproses minima

Jessicca Moidin, (2005) Penghasilan dan kajian kesan suhu penyimpanan serta pembungkusan berbeza ke atas sayur-sayuran yang terproses minima. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The scope of this reseach is on the app//canon of minimally processing methods on 3 varieties of selected vegetables namely cabbage sprout, baby corn and potato. Each of the different variety is treated slightly different based on its suitability to retain the product quality for 10 and 5 days storage . The cabbage sprout samples undergo 3 sequential washing after logitudal cutting. The baby corn samples undergo only basic processing that include washing and cutting into uniform sizes. On the other hand, potato were diced to 2x2x2 cm size and undergo heat treatment which is blanching at 85°C for 5 minutes to prevent surface browning after peeling. All of the varieties were soaked in 196 calcium chloride solution to enhance firmness and also as an antimicrobial agent on their surface. Each of the sample type was packed in 3 types of packaging materials that were PP container with lid, PE plastick which was heat-sealed and PS tupperware which was stapled. The samples were then stored in 2 different temperatures that were 3-6°C and 10-13°C. The sensory quality for all sample are well retained in PP packaging which has low gas permeability and stored at low temperature. Weight loss were relatively lower in PP packaging and higher in PS packaging in both storage temperatures The pH of samples do not have much changes and still within low acidic level which was higher than pH 5 without being affected by packaging type or storage temperature. But the acidity of samples has increased over time during storage in both temperatures. Relatively, packaging type have low effect on vitamin C content of the samples, but the higher loss of vitamin C was observed at higher storage temperature. The microbial loads in all of the 3 types of the minimally processed vegetables, either soon after processing or after 10 or 5 days of storage, they are still within the safe range and are suitable and safe for consumption.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords: cabbage sprout, baby corn ,potato , different storage tempera tureand packaging of minimally processed vegetables
Subjects: T Technology > TP Chemical technology > TP368-456 Food processing and manufacture
Divisions: SCHOOL > School of Food Science and Nutrition
Date Deposited: 30 Sep 2013 01:17
Last Modified: 17 Oct 2017 03:46

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