The simulation of electrical I-V characteristics of the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) semiconductor by using pisces IIB.9009

Liew, Kang Soo (2008) The simulation of electrical I-V characteristics of the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) semiconductor by using pisces IIB.9009. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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PISCES-IIB device simulator is used to study the characteristics silicon (Si) base bipolar junction transistor device. The difference of concentration, depth and width parameters of BIT will affect the electrical I-V characteristics. A bipolar junction transistor (BJT) is a type of transistor. It is a three-terminal device constructed of doped semiconductor material and may be used in amplifying or switching applications. Si is used in this study because Si is the existence of silicon dioxide, one of the best insulators. Silicon dioxide can easily be incorporated onto silicon circuits. POSTMINI is used to read the mesh files from the simulation programs PISCES-IIB and allows the user to examine or plot quantities stored in the mesh file. The most important part in BJT is output characteristics common emitter current-voltage curve. For common emitter arrangement, they have three regions, such as saturation region, active region and cut-off region. The collector curves in this study are not flat but increase slightly with collector voltage. For the given transistor model, the curves would be flat because the collector current-source's current output is not affected by the voltage across it. But actual transistors are better modeled by including a resistance (r₀) from collector to emitter. It typically has a large value and can usually be disregarded. The collector curves slope downward toward the left and intersect the Vce axis at VA Ideal I� should have been flat because minority slope remains intact, A second feature of the collector curves is that they voltage saturate below 0.1 V.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: silicon dioxide, bipolar junction transistor, voltage, collector curve, POSTMINI, electrical I-V
Subjects: T Technology > TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering
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