Aerodynamic studies on a multistoried building model

Saw, Cheng Lee (2006) Aerodynamic studies on a multistoried building model. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Wind tunnel tests on structural models are needed when the full-scale structures cannot be tested or analysed. Very few industrial structures can be analysed accurately, particularly when they have solid and not lattice faces. Objects of tunnel tests include bridges, chimneys, vehicles, buildings, and radars. The model under investigation is nonaerodynamic building model. The wind tunnels tests on the building model are carried out to include flow visualization, pressure distributions on the various faces of the building and drag coefficient. Flow visualization tests are carried out by using the woollen tuft technique at three different speeds and at three different yaw angles. Flow visualization by wool tuft technique is able to show the characteristic of the flow around the building. Pressure distribution tests on the building model are carried out by using the wind tunnel technique and Bernoulli Principle. Around 164 static pressure ports available on all faces of the building are connected to a water tube manometer. Results showed high pressure along the centre line of the front surface of the building. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analyses of the flow visualization, pressure distribution and drag coefficient are carried out by using Cosmosflowork 2004. Some modifications are made on the shape of building to reduce the value of drag coefficient. The computational results of flow visualization and pressure distribution are compared with the experimental results.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords: wind tunnel test, tall building, flow visualization, pressure coefficient, CFD, drag coefficient
Subjects: T Technology > TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
Divisions: SCHOOL > School of Engineering and Information Technology
Date Deposited: 22 Apr 2014 01:12
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2017 03:14

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