Characterization of a MADS-box gene from Musa sp. (pisang berangan)

Jagdish Kaur Chahil Santokh Singh, (2008) Characterization of a MADS-box gene from Musa sp. (pisang berangan). Masters thesis, University Malaysia Sabah.



Homeotic genes are known to play important roles in the development of fruits and flowers. Most of these genes belong to a large family of regulatory genes that have a characteristic DNA binding domain known as the MADS-box. As a pioneer effort in the study of homeotic genes from banana, a full length MADS-box cDNA from an inflorescence of Musa acuminata var. Berangan designated as MADS3 has been successfully isolated and characterized. The approach of this research was by isolating Poly A+ mRNA from the inflorescence of Pisang Berangan using oligo-dT magnetic beads. First strand cDNA was synthesized using a dT18 anchored primer directly onto those beads. A degenerate primer designed by aligning the sequences of the 180bp MADS domain from known MADS-box genes was used as the forward primer to perform a 3' RACE. This generated a complete coding sequence. To obtain the 5' untranslated region on the N terminal side of the MADS-box domain a 5' RACE was carried out. NCBI BLAST analyses were done on these sequences to confirm authenticity to known MADS-box genes. The PHYLIP package was used to further analyze these sequences. The putative 244 amino acid sequence deduced from this research supporting the MADS-box region and the K domain of the corresponding gene suggests that it is a member of the Type II family. MADS3 belongs to the AGL clade and is a member of the SEPALLATA subfamily of MADS-box transcription factors.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords:MADS-box, characteristic DNA, banana, PHYLIP package, NCBI BLAST analyse
Subjects:S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
Divisions:SCHOOL > School of Science and Technology
ID Code:8990
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Deposited On:08 May 2014 15:23
Last Modified:08 May 2014 15:23

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