Inventory of medicinal plants in mount Tambuyukon and surrounding areas, Ranau,Sabah

Affrensia J. Gibot (2010) Inventory of medicinal plants in mount Tambuyukon and surrounding areas, Ranau,Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Plants play significant role in the daily life of the indigenous people of Sabah since time immemorial. Plants not only provide food and shelter but it is also valued for its healing properties. A study of plants with the medicinal properties was conducted in Mount Tambuyukon, Ranau. The objectives of the study are to compare the abundance of medicinal plants at two altitudes in Mount Tambuyukon, to list out species of medicinal plants found in Mount Tambuyukon and surrounding area and to document the medicinal plants used by local people adjacent to Mount Tambuyukon. During the course of the study three methods were being used which is random surveys, plots and interview with local people. The identification of plant species was carried out by referring to dichotomous keys in botany reference books and from help of Sabah Parks and Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation staff. There are 71 genera in 46 families of medicinal plants found from survey along the new and old trails. Two plots were set up in Kikulat Camp (438 m a. s. l) and Musang Camp (1,290 m a. s. l). Fifteen species of medicinal plant were collected in Musang Camp and 15 species of medicinal plants also were collected in Kikulat Camp. There are ten families of medicinal plants in Musang Camp Plot while only nine families of medicinal plants were found in Kikulat Camp Plot. Calamus sp. has the highest number of individual in both plots. Interview with local people on their knowledge of medicinal plants were conducted and as a result 28 species of medicinal plants were recognised. The study also describes the abundance of medicinal plants in two plots. Altitude affects the abundance of medicinal plants and these are shown in Musang Camp Plot (1,290 m a. s. l) which had 54.8 percent higher abundance as compare to Kikulat Camp Plot (438 m a. s. l), which had only 45.2 percent. Besides that, the usage of traditional medicine among the local people, KadazanDusun ethnic, was also studied. This study has contributed to the foundation of data of medicinal plant of Mount Tambuyukon, Ranau, for future research.

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