Mini library Thesis System

Tani Anak Nyagau and Ani Anak Seri (2014) Mini library Thesis System. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Before the existence of data information management there are different methods of keeping records in the library. Records are kept in the library on shelves and each shelf are labeled in an alphabetical or numerical order, in which the categories of books available are arranged on different position on the shelves and as well are recorded on the library manuscript After the invention of computer, different researchers have carried out various approaches on an automated library management system in which this project is all about Mini Ubrary Thesis System is implemented to replacing the current manual system at School of Science Informatics labuan (SSIL) Mini Ubrary. This library management system is mainly use by admin, librarian, lecturer and student of SSIL. This system is proposed to develop a system that able to manage a number of thesis of the final year project and as well the references books. It will improve the management of thesis and book property in the library. Mini Ubrary Thesis System also aims to develop a systematiC system which is able to monitoring the thesis and books data effICiently. Any loss of the thesis and books are being able to be detected by the admin and librarian. Other than that, this system also provides a function of returning and borrowing books from SSIL Mini Ubrary. By using this system, the operation of borrowing books and recording thesis data is paperless. This system is developed using PHP programming as well as the site is supported by the MYSQL database.

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