Screening of potential feeding stimulants for marble goby, Oxyeleotris mannoratus

Lai, Sian Kang Jason (2014) Screening of potential feeding stimulants for marble goby, Oxyeleotris mannoratus. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The main objective of present study was to screen amino acids as the potential feeding stimulants for marble goby, O. marmoratus. Two separated experiment were conducted. In the first experiment, the stimulatory effect of single and mixtures of amino acids on the gustatory sense of O. marrnoratus were determined by behavioral method. Amino acids were incorporated into the agar gel pellets, fed to the fish and the pellets acceptance ratios were recorded. For single amino acids, L-alanine attained the highest acceptance ratio followed by l-glutamine, l-glycine, and betaine. On the other hand, L-cysteine, L-glutamic add, L-lysine, l-serine and taurine were totally rejected. The function of betaine, which is a derivative amino add was studied to determine whether or not It can enhance the feed intake of essential amino adds mixture (EAAM). Betaine and EAAM were originally poorly accepted by the fish, with 0.093 and 0.19 respectively. However, when both of them were mixed, the acceptance ratio of betaine+EAAM agar gel pellet was improved, which was 0.374 although no significant different, Indicated that betaine was taste Indifferent but It enhanced the palatability of EMM. Therefore, betaine can be used as feed enhancer for juvenile O. marmooratus. Non-essential amino acids mixture (NEMM) achieved the highest acceptance ratio with value of 0.944, suggesting that NEAAM may be the better feeding stimulant compared to EAAM. Based on these results, a prototype feeding stimulant was formulated. In the second experiment, the effectiveness of this prototype feeding stimulant in shortening the pellet-weaning period of wild-caught juvenile O. marmoratus was evaluated. Twelve wild-caught fish (BW=4.13 g to 8.01 g; BL= 7.7 on to 9.3 an) are divided into 2 groups equally, each group consisted of 6 fish where each fish was kept separately in aquarium. Two diets of protein and lipid levels were 48 % and 7.8 % fo respectivly were formulated, namely, the fish meal (FM) diet and fish meal + protntype feeding stimulant (FM+FS) diet, and were fed to the fish for 14 days. The fish in the FM+FS treatment was successfully weaned in the shorter period (during first week) than those in the FM treatment (during second week). Such result confirmed that the prototype feeding stimulant was effective in shortening the pellet weaning period of the juvenile O. marmoratus.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: amino acid, marble goby, feeding, behavioral method
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