Taburan Logam Arsenik (As), Kadmium (Cd), Dan Plumbum (Pb) dalam Makrofit Akuatik Ipomea Aquatica

Murni Miru (2014) Taburan Logam Arsenik (As), Kadmium (Cd), Dan Plumbum (Pb) dalam Makrofit Akuatik Ipomea Aquatica. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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"This study was conducted to investigate the distribution of arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb), and translocation and enrichment of metals In aquatic macrophyte Ipomea aquatica in two selected sampling stations which are Menggatal and Tuaran. Ipomea aquatica samples which consist of roots stems and leaves were taken together with sediment samples from 2 different sampling stations All samples were then digested using concentrated nitric acid 65 % before analged using the ICO-OES Spectrometer. The concentrations of the studied metals expressed in dry weight (mg/kg). The physico-chemicaal nalysis of water such as pH, temperature, salinity, TDS, and DO conducted to study the water quality of the natural habitat of plants studied The overall distribution of metal concentrations was highest in root compared with stems and leaves in descending order roots > leaves > stems. The total metal concentrations were found highest In As compare to Cd and Pb in descending order As> Cd > Pb. Arsenic metal content in Ipomea aquatica is found the highest in Tuaran with an average concentration of 0.033 mg/kg and Cadmium Is the lowest metal content; found in Tuaran with 0.003 mg/kg average concentration. The results of translocation factor and enrichment factor in Ipomea aquatica shows the ability to absorb and accumulate heavy metals In the roots and sediment, and also suitable as Phytoextractor metals for contaminated water and sediments."

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Uncontrolled Keywords: "Aquatic macrophyte Ipomea aquatica, ICO-OES Spectrometer, plants
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