Preliminary screening on antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of Centrasema Pubescens leaves

Mohd Iskandar Jumat (2014) Preliminary screening on antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of Centrasema Pubescens leaves. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Follfore remedies has been traditionally used to cure many diseases. Since time immemorial, man has used various part of plants in the treatment and prevention of many ailments.T hese medicinesa re cheap and easy to obtain. Cenbvsemap ubescens is a common type of legume that has been planted widely as cover crop in palm oil plantation. However the use of these crops in ethnomedicine are less known and undocumentedT. he study of C pubescensf or its medicinalv alue may have a great Impact In ethnomedidne and potential to be developed into new medicine. Therefore this project aims to investigatet he phytochemicact onstituentso f C pubescensa nd its bloactive properties. The b ioactive compounds in C pubescens leaves were Shy extracted using four different solvents which are water, methanol, acetone and hexane. Among the four solvents water has the highest extraction yield (7.65%). Qualitative phytochemicalsa nalysis shown that methanolic extract contains many phytochemical constituents among the four extracts. Methanol extract was found to contain many phytochemicalsc onstituentsw hich are saponin, flavonold, tannin, steroid, terpenold, cardiac glycoside and phenolic compounds. Proximate analysis revealed total phenolic compound is higher In water extract (254.14 mg GAE/g DW) and methanolic extract has the highest of total flavonoid content (89.47 mg QE/g DW). Antioxidant activity of the extract was determined using DPPH free radical scavenging method and galiic add as the referencea ntioxidant LowerI CSOva lue indicatet hat the extractI s a good antioxidant agent Methanolice xtract of plant leaf has the lowest ICsOv alue (4.673mg mL4)and shows the best antioxidant potential In this project. Antibacterial analysis revealed that only methanol and acetone extracts have antibacterial properties against the tested microorganism (Strtrtococrus pneumonia and Psi aeivginosa). The MIC values of both extract were also determined as 60 pg. Both methanolic and acetone extracts have bacteriostatic effect against P. aeruginosa and partial bactericidal effect against S. pneumonia

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