Analysis of activity of Epithiospecifier Protein (Esp) in different parts (flowers and leaves) of Carica Papaya

Ooi, Chiek Er (2014) Analysis of activity of Epithiospecifier Protein (Esp) in different parts (flowers and leaves) of Carica Papaya. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Glucosinolate are sulphur-containing glucosides found in Brassicaceous plants that can be hydrolyzed enzymatically by plants myrosinase or non-enzymatically to form primarily isothiocyanates and/or simple nitriles. From a human health perspective, isothiocyanates are quite important because they are the major inducers of carcinogen detoxifying enzymes. Specifier proteins such as ESP may occur in some but not all glucosinolate-containing plants and promote the formation of biologically active non-isothiocyanate products upon myrosinase-catalyzed glucosinolate breakdown. In this study, the hydrolysis products of glucosinolates in leaf and flower in Carica papaya have been identified by using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Benzyl isothiocyanate was found as one of the hydrolysis product. Surprisingly, benzyl thiocyanate was found in Carica papaya may suggest the activity of TFP. New finding of benzene propanenitrile suggested the presence of gluconasturin in leaf and flower of Carica papaya. As the presence of benzene propanenitrile at room temperature in flower and leaf are suspected due to the presence of ESP, further studies on ESP could confirm this postulation. The ratio of epithionitrile to simple nitrile is used to analyze the ESP activity. In this study, there was no epithionitrile found as hydrolysis product. The possible explanation for this may be due to the low concentration of ferrous lon, high pH and absent of alkenyl glucosinolate In the papaya samples. More research should focus on the conditions for the ESP activity in Carica papaya as this will bring a new understanding in health benefit.

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