Geologi am dan pencirian geomekanik batuan formasi Crocker untuk kesesuaian sebagai bahan binaan di kawasan Penampang-Inanam

Mohd Taufik Khalid (2014) Geologi am dan pencirian geomekanik batuan formasi Crocker untuk kesesuaian sebagai bahan binaan di kawasan Penampang-Inanam. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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The study area is located in Kota Kinabalu area which is along Inanam to Penampang covering an area approximately about 100 kilometre square and bounded by the latitude 05°53'N to 05°57'N and longitude 116°05'E to 116°11'E. The objectives of this research are to study the geologicabl ackgrounda nd producel atest geologicalm ap, to analyser ock goemechanicsc haracterizationin perspectiveo f rock aggregatet ests on study area and to assess the suitability of rocks in study area as potential construction materials. The study consists of the Crocker Formation and the Quartemary Alluvium. The Crocker Formation aged from Late Eocene to Early Miocene consists of four rock units include grey shale, red shale, thick sandstone and interbedded sandstone with shale. From petrographic analysis, quartz is the dominant mineral in sandstone that is 58%-59% followed by matrix compound that is 21%-23%. Other compound are rock fragment 10%- 17% and feldspar about 4%-8%. Structural geology analysis of the lineamen shows the direction of tectonismi s Northwest- Southeast.In geomechanicste st such as point load test, Los Angeles abrasion test, aggregate impact value and 10% fines value show sandstone sample that is Ki is the toughest followed by the slake durability test and aggregate crushing value shows sandstone sample that is H2 is the toughest and the uniaxial compression strength show that sandstone sample that is Si is the toughest. All the tests give values that can be implement on the standard of Public Work Department and suitable to be used as construction materials.

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