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Academic Exercise

Hoo, Chee Lim (2008) Analisis profail kesihatan mental pelajar Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Conference or Workshop Item

Norazah Mohd Suki, and Norbayah Mohd Suki, (2011) Patient Satisfaction, Trust, Commitment and Loyalty toward Doctors. In: 2011 International Conference on Sociality and Economics Development, Singapore.

Kai Joo Lim, and Timothy Tsin Jien Cheng, and Mohammad Saffree Jeffree, and Firdaus Hayati, and Phee Kheng Cheah, and Kuok Ong Nee, and Mohd Yusof Ibrahim, and Shamsul Bahari Shamsudin, and Fredie Robinson, and Khamisah Awang Lukman, and Aza Sherin Mohd Yusuff, and Dr Swe, and Naing Oo Tha, (2020) Factors influencing attitude toward organ and tissue donation among patients in primary clinic, Sabah, Malaysia. In: Transplantation Proceedings.

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Newspaper Cutting

UNSPECIFIED (2012) Pelancaran buku, seminar berhubung alkohol di UMS pada 21 April. Daily Ekspress. p. 6.

UNSPECIFIED (2012) Pembantu kesihatan bakal ditempatkan di UMS-KAL. Utusan Borneo. A7.

UNSPECIFIED (2012) UMS minta pegawai kesihatan lepas waktu pejabat. Berita Harian. p. 12.

UNSPECIFIED (2012) Pembantu kesihatan, jururawat di UMS-KAL. Utusan Malaysia. p. 26.

UNSPECIFIED (2012) UMS students hold blood donation drive. Borneo Post. B1.

UNSPECIFIED, (2013) Proaram 'sweat for health' di Perdana Park 30 Nov. Utusan Borneo. A3.

Hayati Dzulkifli, (2016) Penjagaan kesihatan di Sabah perlu transformasi, inovasi. Daily Express. p. 2.

UNSPECIFIED (2019) All need to work together to tackle mental issues. Daily Express. p. 4.

UNSPECIFIED (2019) Bantu tingkatkan profesion perubatan, hubungan komuniti HQE-UMS akan terus diperkasa. Utusan Borneo. B2.

UNSPECIFIED (2018) UMS miliki hospital pengajar sendiri menjelang 2021. Utusan Borneo. A3.

UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS serius terhadap usaha hindari penularan jangkitan koronavirus. New Sabah Times.

UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS tubuhkan jawatankuasa bertindak, untuk mencegah penularan wabak Novel Coronavirus (nCov) di universiti tersebut. Utusan Borneo.

UNSPECIFIED (2018) UMS will have teaching hospital by 2021 - VC. The Borneo Post. p. 1.

UNSPECIFIED (2018) UMS will have teaching hospital by 2021 - Vice Chancellor. New Sabah Times. p. 10.

UNSPECIFIED (2018) UMS' own teaching hospital by 2021. Daily Express. p. 2.

Borneo Post Online, UNSPECIFIED (2020) Health Dept targets 2,000 Covid-19 tests daily. Borneo Post Online. pp. 1-2.

Chok Sim Yee, UNSPECIFIED (2020) China medical team arrive in Sabah. Borneo Post Online. pp. 1-2.

Daily Express, UNSPECIFIED (2020) Makmal UMS buat ujian pengesahan Covid-19 pertengahan April. Daily Express.

Daily Express, UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS donates face shields, sanitisers. Daily Express.

Daily Express, UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS faculty comes up with face shields for hospitals. Daily Express. pp. 1-2.

Daily Express, UNSPECIFIED UMS plays key role in MOH screenings. Daily Express.

Daily Express, UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS set to assist in COVID-19 detection. Daily Express.

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Noor Zafira Shafie, (2020) UMS pandang serius penularan wabak Novel Koronavirus 2019. New Sabah Times.

Noor Zafira Shafie, (2020) UMS sets up committee on coronavirus. New Sabah Times.

Ottey Peter, (2019) Hampir separuh warga Sabah hadapi isu kesihatan mental. Daily Express. p. 2.

The Star, UNSPEFICIED Full backing for our frontliners. The Star. pp. 1-2.

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Utusan Borneo Online, UNSPECIFIED (2020) UMS terus diberi kepercayaan. Utusan Borneo Online. pp. 1-2.

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UMS News

Nurul Izza Nordin, (2007) Pusat Rawatan Warga (PRW). Buletin SPU, Decemb. p. 6. ISSN 1985-465X

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UNSPECIFIED, (2014) Documentary film on dyslexia. Media and Citra Division.

Salbinous Saribun, (2013) Health checks able to detect chronic diseases. Media and Citra Division.

UNSPECIFIED, (2014) Healthy exercise programme, an innovation to strengthen ties: CM. Media and Citra Division.

Feria Lee, (2013) TB major cause of death worldwide. Media and Citra Division.

Azri Onn, (2014) UMS at brings joy to children Labuan Hospital. Media and Citra Division.

Salbinous Saribun, (2013) UMS Enactus asserts self-confidence to AIDS patients. Media and Citra Division.

UNSPECIFIED (2019) 70 Peserta Sertai Bengkel Tangani Kesihatan Mental Kanak-kanak. Pusat Pengurusan Strategik dan Komunikasi Korporat. pp. 1-2.

Lee, Feria (2016) UMS-YKN Haemodialysis centre – will begin operating in February. Media and Citra Division.

Research Report

Che Ismail Che Noh, and Oberni Robert @Cliftrich, and Dhanasrree Loganathan, and Vincent Tio Chung, and Adlin Liyana Johari, and Noorin Ab Nasir, and Sulaiman Sunil, and Fatin Najieha Mohd Affindee, and Nurul Hidayathulzakiyah, and Michelle Clara Benjamin, and Siti Rohani Asrakal, and Pee, Vivien Vanessa Lee Xin and Santarina Josepher, (2016) Health promotion activity in Kampung Tengah. (Unpublished)

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Book Chapter

Mohd Zaki Ishak, and Hamzah Md Omar, (2012) Integration of health education for sustainable development: Sabah's initiatives. Health Education in Context: An International Perspective on Health Education in Schools and Local Communities. pp. 235-242. ISSN 978-946091876-6

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