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Abu Hassan Othman, Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. (2004) Message from the Patron and Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Abu Hassan Othman. Tuberculosis, 84 (1-2). p. 3. ISSN 1472-9792

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Anizan Ambo (2004) Sorption of copper and chromium by poly (hydroxamic acid) chelating resin. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Athika Ali (2004) Analisis minyak pati daripada Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (kulit), Eugenia Aromatica (bunga), dan Eleltaria Cardamomum (biji) dengan kaedah GC-FID. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Abu Hassan Othman, Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. (2004) Teks ucapan Naib Canselor sempena majlis pelancaran Web of Science.

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Chong, Kam Fook (2004) Kesan penggantian Ca, Cr dan V secara separa ke atas kesuperkonduksian (Y�₋xMx)Ba₂Cu₃O₇ (M=Ca, Cr dan V). Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Chun, Kia Huey (2004) Reproductive behaviour of Marble goby, Oxyeleotris marmoratus after hormone injection under artificial rearing condition. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Carter Balingi (2004) Jerapan pewarna Methyl Blue dan Acid Blue 74 menggunakan habuk kayu. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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