Diversity of phasmids in Ulu Kimanis and Muaya

Gan, Choon Hong (2011) Diversity of phasmids in Ulu Kimanis and Muaya. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The purpose of this study is to determine the diversity and species composition of phasmids at the two study sites. thye objective of this study were to compare the diversity of stick insert between Ulu Kimanis and Muaya, yo determine the abudance of stick insert in Ulu Kimanis and Muaya and also to compare the species of phasmids between Ulu Kimanis and Muaya. the first study site of this research which is Ultan Paradise is located at Ulu Kimanis , Papar. Its coordinate is n 05° 29.329'.329' E 116°01.085 and altitud is approximately 706 m. the second study is Muaya. The coordinat for this site is 4° 53.552' E 115°46.073' and has a elevation of around 720m. the methods used to capture these insect are direct searching during the night sampling period and swap neeting during the morning sampling session. A total of 229 specimen re38 s[ecies were collected. the biggest family collected is Bacillidae. The result show that there was a diffrent in phasmids diversity at both areas where the shannon-wiener idex value was 0. 851 and 0.715 dor muaya and Ulu Kimanis respectively. Muaya also also has a ahigher evenness of phamids that Ulu Kimanis as shown by Rank/abudance plot and avenness index. According to sorense similirity index result, both the areas have low similarity of species of phasmids. however, mann whitney test showed that there was no significant dissimilarity of phasmids species between Ulu Kimanis and Muaya.

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Keyword: Phasmids, stick insect, bacilidae, diversity
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