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Azazi, A. and Haron, F.N. and Chua, K.H. and Lim, Y.A.L. and Lee, Ping Chin and Chew, C.H. (2021) Bioinformatics characterization of Plasmodium knowlesi apical membrane antigen 1 (PkAMA1) for multi-epitope vaccine design. Tropical Biomedicine, 38. pp. 265-275. ISSN 0127-5720


Bak Zaibah Fazal and Cahyo Budiman and Zarina Amin and Wong, Clemente Michael Vui Ling (2022) Screening, isolation, and characterization of amylase-producing bacteria from Poring Hot Spring Sabah, Malaysia. Biodiversitas, 23. pp. 2807-2815. ISSN 1412-033X (P-ISSN) , 2085-4722 (E-ISSN)

Basit Zeshan and Mohmed Isaqali Karobari and Nadia Afzal and Amer Siddiq and Sakeenabi Basha and Syed Nahid Basheer and Syed Wali Peeran and Mohammed Mustafa and Nur Hardy A. Daud and Naveed Ahmed and Chan, Yean Yean and Tahir Yusuf Noorani (2021) The usage of antibiotics by covid-19 patients with comorbidities: The risk of increased antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotics, 11. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2079-6382


Cahyo Budiman and Raimalynah Abd Razak and Angelesa Runin Unggit and Rafida Razali and Meiny Suzery and Ruzaidi Azli Mohd Mokhtar and Lee, Ping Chin and Didik Huswo Utomo (2022) Catalytic Properties of Caseinolytic Protease Subunit of Plasmodium knowlesi and Its Inhibition by a Member of δ-Lactone, Hyptolide. Molecules, 27 (3787). pp. 1-21. ISSN 1420-3049

Chin, Grace Joy Wei Lie and Salley Venda Law and Kenneth Francis Rodrigues and Jaeyres Jani and Ann Anton (2022) Dataset of genome sequence, de novo assembly, and functional annotation of Ruegeria sp. (PBVC088), a marine bacterium associated with the toxin-producing harmful dinoflagellate, Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum. Data in Brief, 41 (107881). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2352-3409


Eric Tzyy Jiann Chong and De Chen Chiang and Keh Kheng Png and Elena Abidueva and Svetlana Zaitseva and Chenghang Sun and Ping-Chin Lee (2022) Dataset of the complete genome of Streptomyces cavourensis strain 2BA6PGT isolated from sediment from the bottom of the salt lake Verkhnee Beloe (Buryatia, Russia). Science direct, 46 (64). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2352-3409 (In Press)

Eryati Derman and Rahmath Abdulla and Hartinie Marbawi and Mohd Khalizan Sabullah and Jualang @ Azlan Abdullah Gansau and Pogaku Ravindra (2022) Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of empty fruit bunches of palm for bioethanol production using a microbial consortium of S. cerevisiae and T. harzianum. Fermentation, 8 (295). pp. 1-27. ISSN 2311-5637


Frederick Adzitey and Nurul Huda and Amir Husni Mohd Shariff (2021) Phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli from raw meats, ready-to-eat meats, and their related samples in one health context. Microorganisms, 9 (326). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2076-2607


Gilang Wirakusuma and Imade Yoga Prasada and Ilmas Abdurofi (2023) Impact of migration on the vulnerability of poverty: A case study on the agricultural households in West Java Province, Indonesia. International Journal of Business and Society, 24 (2). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1511-6670

Goh, Lucky Poh Wah and Fauze Mahmud and Lee, Ping Chin (2021) Draft genome sequence data of Streptomyces sp. FH025. Data in Brief, 36 (107128). pp. 2-6. ISSN 2352-3409

Goh, Xiang Ting and Lim, Yvonne A.L. and Lee, Ping Chin and Veeranoot Nissapatorn and Chua, Kek Heng (2021) Diversity and natural selection of Merozoite surface protein-1 in three species of human malaria parasites: Contribution from South-East Asian isolates. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 244. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0166-6851

Gouxin Huang and Raees Khan and Yilin Zheng and Ping-Chin Lee and Qingnan Li and Imran Khan Yousufzai (2023) Exploring the role of gut microbiota in advancing personalized medicine. Frontiers in Microbiology. pp. 1-17. ISSN 1664-302X


Hassanain Al-Talib and Nurul Asyiqin Rihzam and Chandrika Murugaiah (2022) Evaluation and comparison of Chlorohexidine gluconate bathing solution and antiseptic wipes antimicrobial effects against bacteria causing nosocomial infections. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 17. pp. 187-193. ISSN 1823-8556 (P-ISSN) , 2672-7226 (E-ISSN)

Heng Chuan Law and Kathrie Rubil and Nur Iliyana Illang and Nazalan Najimudin and Mardani Abdul Halim (2023) Unveiling the multifaceted microbial strategies: Insights into ecological adaptations and interactions. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology, 19. pp. 805-818. ISSN 1823-8262


Ibrahim Bin Said and Yobouet Ines Kouakou and Roukayatou Omorou and Anne‑Lise Bienvenu and Kamruddin Ahmed and Richard Culleton and Stephane Picot (2022) Systematic review of Plasmodium knowlesi in Indonesia: a risk of emergence in the context of capital relocation to Borneo? Parasites & Vectors, 15. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1756-3305


Jaeyres Jani and Kai Ling Chin and Zainal Arifin Mustapha (2023) Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of a Mycobacterium iranicum, a Newly Identified Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacteria, Strain SBH312 Isolated in Sabah, Malaysia. Borneo Journal of Medical Sciences, 17 (1). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1985-1758

Jaeyres Jani and Zainal Arifin Mustapha and Chin Kai Ling and Amabel Seow Ming Hui and Roddy Teo and Kamruddin Ahmed (2020) The whole genome sequence data analyses of a mycobacterium tuberculosis strain sbh321 isolated in Sabah, Malaysia, belongs to ural family of lineage 4.

Jaeyres Jani and Zainal Arifin Mustapha and Norfazirah Jamal and Cheronie Shely Stanis and Chin Kai Ling and Richard Avoi and Naing Oo Tha and Valentine Gantul and Daisuke Mori and Kamruddin Ahmed (2019) Whole genome sequencing data and analysis of a rifampicin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis strain sbh162 from Sabah, Malaysia.

Jun, Wei Ng and Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann and Lee, Ping Chin (2022) An Updated Review on the Role of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in COVID-19 Disease Severity: A Global Aspect. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. ISSN 1389-2010 (P-ISSN) , 1873-4316 (E-ISSN)


Kai Ling Chin and Luis Anibarro and Maria E. Sarmiento and Armando Acosta (2022) Challenges and the way forward in diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis infection. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, 8. pp. 1-38.


Lia Natasha Amit and Daisuke Mori and Jecelyn Leaslie John and Andau Konodan Mosiun and Mohammad Saffree Jeffree and Kamruddin Ahmed (2021) Emergence of equine-like G3 strains as the dominant rotavirus among children under five with diarrhea in Sabah, Malaysia during 2018 - 2019. PLoS ONE, 16. pp. 1-20. ISSN 1932-6203


Mahwish Arshad and Nasir Rasool and Muhammad Usman Qamar and Syed Adnan Ali Shah and Zainul Amiruddin Zakaria (2022) Facile Synthesis of Functionalized Phenoxy Quinolines: Antibacterial Activities against ESBL Producing Escherichia coli and MRSA, Docking Studies, and Structural Features Determination through Computational Approach. Molecules, 27 (3732). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1420-3049

Makdi Masnoddin and Clemente Michael Wong Vui Ling and Nur Athirah Yusof (2022) Functional Analysis of Conserved Hypothetical Proteins from the Antarctic Bacterium, Pedobacter cryoconitis Strain BG5 Reveals Protein Cold Adaptation and Thermal Tolerance Strategies. Microorganisms, 10. pp. 1-18. ISSN 2076-2607

Mardani Abdul Halim and Choo, Quok-Cheong and Ghazali Hamzah Amir and Mustafa Wajidi and Nazalan Najimudin (2021) Transcriptional analysis of nitrogen fixation in Paenibacillus durus during growth in nitrogen-enriched medium. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 72. pp. 610-618. ISSN 0266-8254 (P-ISSN) , 1472-765X (E-ISSN)

Maria E. Sarmiento and Kai Ling Chin and Nyok Sean Lau and Ismail Aziah and Noraznawati Ismail and Mohd Nor Norazmi and Armando Acosta and Nik Soriani Yaacob (2021) Comparative transcriptome profiling of horseshoe crab tachypleus gigas hemocytes in response to lipopolysaccharides. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 117. pp. 148-156. ISSN 1050-4648

Md. Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Nor Azah Yusof and Abu Bakar Salleh and Tan, Soon Guan and Fatimah Abu Bakar (2011) Electrochemical DNA biosensor for the detection of Trichoderma harzianum based on ionic liquid/ZnO nanoparticles/chitosan modified electrode using acridine orange (AO) as a redox indicator. Microchimica Acta, 172 (4). pp. 357-363. ISSN 0026-3672

Mohammad Munir Hossain and Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Vijay Kumar Subbiah (2021) Isolation of Alkalophilic Pectinolytic Bacteria and their Bio Retting Effect on Kenaf Fiber Compositions. [Experiment]

Mohammad Tamrin Mohamad Lal (2016) Isolation and characterization of bacteriophage for vibriosis therapy in fish. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Mohd Iskandar Jumat and Jaeyres Jani and Zainal Arifin Mustapha and Kenneth Francis Rodrigues and Nornazirah Azizan and Armando Acosta and Maria E. Sarmiento and Kai, Ling Chin (2023) Small RNA datasets of drug-susceptible Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Sabah, Malaysia. Data in Brief, 46. pp. 1-6. ISSN 2352-3409

Muhammed Abdullahi Ubana and Murtala Ya'u and Hartinie Marbawi and Nur Adeela Yasid and Mohd Yunus Shukor (2022) Isothermal modelling of the adsorption of lead(II) onto an antarctic sea-ice bacterial exopolysaccharide. Journal of Environmental Microbiology and Toxicology, 10 (1). pp. 23-27. ISSN 2289-5906


Naveed Ahmed and Zeshan Ali and Mahpara Riaz and Basit Zeshan and Javed Iqbal Wattoo and Muhammad Naveed Aslam (2020) Evaluation of Antibiotic Resistance and Virulence Genes among Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Cancer Patients. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention: APJCP, 21. pp. 1333-1338. ISSN 2476-762X

Noor Khairani Mohamad Basri and Januarius Gobilik and Lum, Mok Sam and Chong, Khim Phin and Kimberly Ador and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Chin, Clament Fui Seung (2021) Isolation and characterization of multifunction beneficial bacteria from dairy farm effluent compost. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (2). pp. 324-330. ISSN 2259-8786

Nor Farid Mohd Noor and Mohamad Ezany Yusoff and Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman and Mohammad Khursheed Alam and Ahmad Mukifza Harun (2021) The disinfectant effect of modified hydrothermal nanotitania extract on candida albicans. BioMed Research International, 2021. pp. 1-5. ISSN 2314-6141

Noraini Philip and Jaeyres Jani and Nurul Natasya Azhari and Zamberi Sekawi and Vasantha Kumari Neela (2021) Genomic data of leptospira interrogans hp358 isolated from rodent captured from the human leptospirosis suspected areas of Selangor state, Malaysia. Data in Brief. pp. 1-4. ISSN 2352-3409

Nur Aina Jamil and Roswanira Abdul Wahab and Amir Husni Mohd Shariff and Fahrul Huyop (2021) Isolation of Klebsiella pneumoniae from Sungai Skudai and in silico analysis of putative dehalogenase protein. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology, 17. pp. 294-304. ISSN 1823-8262 (P-ISSN) , 2231-7538 (E-ISSN)

Nur Nashyiroh Izayati Mastor and Vijay Kumar Subbiah and Wan Nazirah Wan Abu Bakar and Khurshida Begum and M. Jahangir Alam and Mohammad Zahirul Hoque (2022) Draft genome sequence data of a clinical Enterococcus faecalis isolate SHH039 from a patient with cholecystitis from a tertiary care hospital in Sabah, Malaysia.

Nur Zaida Zahari and Fera @ Nony Cleophas and Siti Aishah Mohd Ali and S. Abd Rahim (2021) Growth and utilization of oil sludge as a source of carbon by locally isolated beneficial microorganisms.


O. Miettinen and J. Vlasák and E. Larsson and J. Vlasák Jr and J.S.S. Seelan and Hernawati Nasir and Q. Levicky and K.-H. Larsson and V. Spirin (2023) A revised genus-level classification for Cerrenaceae (Polyporales, Agaricomycetes). Fungal Systematics and Evolution, 12. pp. 1-53.


Rafida Razali and Cahyo Budiman and Khairul Azfar Kamaruzaman and Vijay Kumar Subbiah (2021) Soluble expression and catalytic properties of codon-optimized recombinant bromelain from MD2 pineapple in Escherichia coli. Protein Journal, 40. pp. 406-418. ISSN 1572-3887


Saba Ghafoor and Basit Zeshan and Madiha Khan and Saba Kabir (2021) Evaluation of 16S rRNA methyltransferase gene in aminoglycosides resistant isolates of cancer patients. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 34. pp. 1737-1741. ISSN 1011-601X

Salman Hussain and Basit Zeshan and Rabiya Arshad and Saba Kabir and Naveed Ahmed (2022) MRSA Clinical Isolates Harboring mecC Gene Imply Zoonotic Transmission to Humans and Colonization by Biofilm Formation. Pakistan Journal of Zoology. pp. 1-4. ISSN 0030-9923

Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Sujjat Al Azad and Fatimah Abu Bakar and Laila Naher and Vijay Kumar Subbiah (2012) Separation and identification of hydrocarbons and other volatile compounds from cultures of aspergillus niger by GC-MS using two different capillary columns and solvents. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 19. pp. 243-256. ISSN 1319-6103

Sharnali Ahmed and Takaaki Yahiro and Nor Amalina Emran and Lia Natasha Amit and Hidekatsu Iha and Gulendam Bozdayi and Kamruddin Ahmed (2021) Phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses of the VP4 gene of P[9] rotaviruses P[9] rotavirüslerinin VP4 geninin filogenetik ve evrimsel analizleri. Gazi Medical Journal, 32. pp. 638-646. ISSN 2147-2092

Sharnali Ahmed and Takaaki Yahiro and Nor Amalina Emran and Lia Natasha Amit and Hidekatsu Iha and Gulendam Bozdayi and Kamruddin Ahmed (2021) Phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses of the VP4 gene of P[9]rotaviruses. Gazi Medical Journal, 32. pp. 638-646. ISSN 2147-2092

Shazilah Kamaruddin and Rohaiza Ahmad Redzuan and Nurulermila Minor and Wan Mohd Khairulikhsan Wan Seman and Mahzan Md Tab and Nardiah Rizwana Jaafar and Nazahiyah Ahmad Rodzli and Mohd Anuar Jonet and Izwan Bharudin and Nur Athirah Yusof and Quay, Doris Huai Xia and Nor Muhammad Mahadi and Abdul Munir Abdul Murad and Farah Diba Abu Bakar (2022) Biochemical characterisation and structure determination of a novel cold-active Proline iminopeptidase from the Psychrophilic yeast, Glaciozyma antarctica PI12. Catalysts, 12 (722). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2073-4344

Sin, Helen Ee Chuo and Yuh, Christine King Lo and Min, Keng Tan and Heng Jin Tham, Jin Tham and Sivakumar Kumaresan and Tze, Kenneth Kin Teo (2021) Optimization of yeast fermentation process using genetic algorithm.

Song-Quan Ong and Nurzatil Sharleeza Mat Jalaluddin and Kien Thai Yong and Su Ping Ong and Kooi Fong Lim and Suhaila Azhar (2023) Digitization of natural history collections: A guideline and nationwide capacity building workshop in Malaysia. Ecology and Evolution, 13. pp. 1-9.

Suthinee Sangkanu and Alok K. Paul and Julalak Chuprom and Watcharapong Mitsuwan and Rachasak Boonhok and Maria de Lourdes Pereira and Sonia Marlene Rodrigues Oliveira and Polrat Wilairatana and Mohammed Rahmatullah and Christophe Wiart and Muhammad Nawaz and Chea Sin and Sunil Kayesth and Veeranoot Nissapatorn (2023) Conserved Candidate Antigens and Nanoparticles to Develop Vaccine against Giardia intestinalis. Vaccines, 11 (96). pp. 1-12.


Teoh, Chui Peng and Paris, Lavin and Nazalan Najimudin and Lee, Ping Chin and Iancu, Lavinia and Purcarea, Cristina and Wong, Clemente Michael Vui Ling (2021) Draft genome sequence of Flavobacterium sp. strain PL002, isolated from Antarctic Porphyra algae. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 10 (8). pp. 1-2. ISSN 2576-098X

Tock H. Chua and Benny O. Manin and Sylvia Daim and Indra Vythilingam and Chris Drakeley (2017) Phylogenetic analysis of simian Plasmodium spp. infecting Anopheles balabacensis Baisas in Sabah, Malaysia. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 11. pp. 1-13. ISSN 1935-2735


Vidya Sankarapandian and Kirubakaran Nitharsan and Kavitha Parangusadoss and Prakash Gangadaran and Prasanna Ramani and Balu Alagar Venmathi Maran and Manasi P. Jogalekar (2022) Prebiotic Potential and Value-Added Products Derived from Spirulina laxissima SV001—A Step towards Healthy Living. BioTech, 11. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1996-2022

Vijay Kumar Subbiah and Zulina Mazlan and Nur Nashyiroh Mastor and Mohammad Zahirul Hoque (2021) Whole genome sequence data of Chromobacterium violaceum WCH4, a human pathogenic strain from Sabah, Malaysia.


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Zarina Amin and Cahyo Budiman and Suraya Abdul Sani and Lee, Ping Chin and Sazmal Effendi Arshad (2022) Biofilm formation of serotype 19 Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates in relation to clinical isolate source, pH and Fe(III) supplementation. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology, 18. pp. 146-153. ISSN 1823-8262 (P-ISSN) , 2231-7538 (E-ISSN)

Zarina Amin and Nur Ariffah Waly and Sazmal Effendi Arshad (2021) Biofilm inhibition and antimicrobial properties of silver-ion-exchanged zeolite a against vibrio spp marine pathogens. Applied Sciences, 11 (5496). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2076-3417

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