Sediment characteristics of areas with and without seagrass in Sulaman Lagoon

Nitya Dewi Gonesen Muthy, (2008) Sediment characteristics of areas with and without seagrass in Sulaman Lagoon. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This study investigated the physical (particles size analysis) and chemical characteristics (organic matter analysis, total phosphorus analysis and total nitrogen analysis) of sediment in seagrass area and non seagrass area at Sulaman Lagoon. Three stations with each having seagrass area and non seagrass area were chosen. Sediment having grain size of 1 mm to 250 µm was separated using a mechanical shaker while sediment <250 µm was separated using a particle size analyser. Sediment samples were burned in muflle furnace to determine total organic matter while total phosphorus and nitrogen was determined using spectrometric method and Kjeldahl method (Kjeltec™ 2300) respectively. Results for sediment physical characteristics shows that, all the three stations were clay dominated meanwhile the seagrass area has higher percentage of clay particles (57.80%) compared with non seagrass area (55.44%) which indicated the ability of seagrass in binding fine sediment particles. The sediment chemical characteristics show that there was a significant difference of organic matter (F=26.200, p=0.000), total phosphorus (F=9.550, p=0.001) and total nitrogen (F=5.016, p=0.015) across the stations. The stations' background was thought to influence each of the chemical parameters. The chemical parameters of each station significantly depends on the type of area (p<0.05). All chemical characteristics of the sediment were found higher at the seagrass area compared with non seagrass area. This difference arises due to the decomposition of the seagrass dead leaves and also the nutrients that were exuded by the seagrass itself. In conclusion, seagrass area was fertile compared with the adjacent bare area as it was rich with nutrients.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: seagrass, sediment, size analyser, shaker, total organic, spectrometric method, Kjeldahl method
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