The effect of different photoperiod on growth of chrysanthemum sp. as cut flower in lowland area

Fiona Anthony Lijua, (2011) The effect of different photoperiod on growth of chrysanthemum sp. as cut flower in lowland area. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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A field experiment was conducted at the School of Sustainable Agriculture Field Laboratory in University Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to study the effect of different photoperiod on Chrysanthemum sp. as cut flower under lowland area with mean daily temperature at 31°C and 75 % of relative humidity. Effectiveness of each photoperiod given was measured through the rate of Chrysanthemum growth and the flower size obtained. The experiment was conducted by using Complete Random Design (CRD) by supplementing different photoperiod, which were 12 h, 14 h, 16 h, and 18 h of light. Each photoperiod was evaluated using 10 pseudoreplicates. Generally, the plant height was recorded from the first week after transplanting (WAT) whereas the bud opening was recorded only after the seventh week. The result clearly shown that there is significant different on different photoperiod on the plant heigh growth (One-way ANOVA). The 14 h photoperiod resulted to highest plant height (85.4 cm) and also had the shortest photoperiod response (3.5 weeks). Besides, 50% of flowers obtained were categorized as 'Fancy', 10% of 'Standard' and 40% of 'Short' grade. In conclusion, the 14 h of photoperiod is best suggested to obtained Chrysanthemum cut flower under lowland area. In conclusion, 14 h was suggested the best photoperiod treatment under lowland area which yields taller plant height, and had the shortest photoperiodic response. However, a further study in temperature effect to plant growth and flowering response of Chrysanthemum cultivated under lowland area should be conducted. Hence, through this that we may obtained a more promising protocol of Chrysanthemum cut flower production that is more flexible, easy and cheaper and subsequently to create an alternative way upon the competition on land use of highland area, especially in Sabah.

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