Effects of the coconut water and NAA on the growth and development of Dendrobium hamaticalcar protocorm

Indrasarathi Perumal, (2011) Effects of the coconut water and NAA on the growth and development of Dendrobium hamaticalcar protocorm. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This experiment was carried out to determine the effects of coconut water and NAA hormone on the growth and development of Dendrobium hamalicalcar protocorm. Nine treatments were used and for each treatment, three replicates were used. D. hamalticalcar protocorms after 180 days in germination medium were used as explants. Medium XER was used as basal medium. The cultures were placed in bright room which has 24 hours light (2.5mW/cm2 light intensity) at 22±3 °C. Coconut water with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% (v/v) concentrations and 0.5 mgL�¹, 1.0 mgL�¹, 1.5 mgL�¹ and 2.0 mgL�¹ of NAA concentrations were used as additives in this study. Based on the result, medium with 0.5 mgL�¹ of NAA was the most suitable medium on the growth and development since the medium producing a significant highest (p<0.05) growth index of 523.33. The treatment with 0.5 mgL�¹ of NAA showed promising result where the percentage of root formation was the highest in this treatment which is 48.33 %. XER medium supplemented with 5% (v/v) CW and with 20% (v/v) CW were found to be the most suitable media for leaf formation of D. hamalticalcar protocorm with percentage of 56.67% and 55.00%, respectively. Medium with 2.0 mgL�¹ of NAA doesn't give any positive result because this medium has the lowest growth indeks (390.00). The less died protocorm was found in medium supplemented with 1.5 mgL�¹ of NAA with the percentage of 1.67%. Media added with 0.5 mgL�¹ of NAA in XER media was found able to stimulate the growth and development of D. hamalicalcar protocorm which form plantlet in short period of time in 100 DAC. To improve the growth and development, it was recommended to use different types of organic additive with different concentration and also combination of different organic additives and hormone such as media with NAA and CW combination at different concentration

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Uncontrolled Keywords: coconut water, growth, development, Dendrobium hamalticalcar
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