Size prediction of κ-carrageenan droplets formed in co-flowing immiscible liquid

Leong, Jun Y. and Lim, Tek Kaun and Pogaku, Ravindra and Chan, Eng Seng (2011) Size prediction of κ-carrageenan droplets formed in co-flowing immiscible liquid. Particuology, 9 (6). pp. 637-643. ISSN 1674-2001


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The formation of κ-carrageenan droplets in channel emulsification was experimentally investigated. The dispersed phase was vertically injected into co-flowing immiscible palm oil in the direction of gravity. This study focused on predicting κ-carrageenan drop size using force balance analysis. The force balance model considers the interfacial tension to be the solitary attaching force, while a combination of the drag force from the co-flowing palm oil and the body force of the extruding κ-carrageenan liquid act as the detaching forces. The conventional model gave poor predictions for droplet size, with an average relative deviation of 23%. This large deviation could be attributed to necking phenomena and an underestimation of the drag force generated on the shear-thinning κ-carrageenan solution. By incorporating correction factors, the average relative deviation of the force balance model dropped to 4%.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:κ-Carrageenan, Bioencapsulation, Channel emulsification, Co-flowing, Dripping, Droplet, Carrageenans, Co-flowing, Dripping, Droplet
Subjects:?? TP155-156 ??
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