Effects of audible sound on sedimentation of Sago

Yuen, Yue Hun (2006) Effects of audible sound on sedimentation of Sago. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The effect of audible sound is tested on the sedimentation of sago and its effect is analyzed. The sago is mixed with water in a beaker while an audible sound source is fixed at its mouth. The sedimentation is measured by fixing a light sensor just opposite of each other where the beaker is situated in the middle. The concept used is when the sago particles sediment at the base of the beaker, the light intensity detected by the light sensor will increase. Which means the higher the light intensity, the more sago particles have been sedimented. The graphs of light intensity versus time and also light transmission percentage versus time are plotted. The results from the experiment prove that the applied audible sound with an increase frequency will increase the sedimentation rate of sago as well. However, the increased sedimentation rate is peaked at 7.5 kHz audible sound and starts declining when the higher the frequency above 7.5 kHz is applied. This is because the sound pressure level increases with the frequency which increases the sedimentation rate of sago. Subsequently, the sound pressure level of the frequency range higher than 7.5 kHz will not increase the sedimentation rate but decreases it. Therefore, 0 Hz audible sound has the least effect on the sedimentation of sago with 9.53 %min¯¹ while 7.5 kHz audible sound has the most effect with 10.55 %min

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