Aging effect on accumulation of lettucenin a by lettuce after elicitation by various abiotic elicitors

Ong, Wen Dee (2007) Aging effect on accumulation of lettucenin a by lettuce after elicitation by various abiotic elicitors. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Powdery mildew and downy mildew causes great losses to lettuce (Lactuca sativa). Lettucenin A is an important antimicrobial compound that would help in reducing the attack of these diseases. Optimization by using the best elicitors and the right plant age during elicitation would produce higher amount of lettucenin A. Lettucenin A was extract from 15 grams of materials after elicitation by silver nitrate (AgNO₃). copper sulfate (CUS0₄). ultraviolet radiation and freezing at different age of plant (week 9, 12. 15 and 18). Lettucenin A accumulated higher when challenged with AgNO3 or CUSO₄ solution. Physical elicitation by irradiation with short wavelength ultraviolet radiation and freeze-thawed were also effective in eliciting the production of lettucenin A. However. the amounts were considerably lower for physical elicitation than when elicited by chemical elicitors. Ultraviolet radiation and freeze-thawing accumulated 1.52 μg/ml and 0.49 μg/ml respectively while AgNO₃ and CUSO₄ accumulated 4.27 μg/ml and 4.26 μg/ml respectively. The elicitations of lettucenin A were both dependent on types of elicitor and the age of the plant. Silver nitrate a chemical elicitor and ultraviolet radiation a non-chemical elicitor. both showed same pattern of lettucenin A production. Lettucenin A accumulation increase significantly from week nine to the maximum at week 12 before it decreased to the least at week 18. The production of lettucenin A was rated highest in week 12 with a total concentration of 4.28 μg/ml. The results suggested that accumulation of lettucenin A was greatest using chemical elicitors, particularly silver nitrate at the plant age of 12 weeks.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Uncontrolled Keywords: lettuce, elicitor, silver nitrate, copper sulphate, ultraviolet radiation, freezing
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
Divisions: SCHOOL > School of Science and Technology
Date Deposited: 03 Jun 2014 07:20
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2017 02:55

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