A study on physicochemical characteristics of pigmented traditional Sabah rice varieties

Chong, Khai Yeng (2015) A study on physicochemical characteristics of pigmented traditional Sabah rice varieties. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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A study was conducted to determine the physicochemical traits of traditional Sabah rice. Nine pigmented and one white rice varieties were evaluated. Parameters that were screened were amylose content (AC), rice gelatinization temperature (GT), rice gel consistency (GC) and mineral content of rice (MC). Physical characterization such as length, breadth, length/breadth (LIB) ratio and kernel elongation ratio (KER) were measured to determine the length class and shape class of grains. There was a negative correlation between L/B ratio and KER (r= -0.357, p<0.05). From amylose content analysis, the preferred variety that has low amylose content was Gongdokan 12/45 (4.5%) which gives a soft texture when cooked is desired by consumers. Through alkali spread value analysis, the preferred variety identified was Gaur 12/46 which had Significantly lowest gelatinization temperature with a score of 6 among the other rice varieties which only scored 2 to 3. low gelatinization temperature requires less cooking time which is desired by consumers. Rice gel consistency analysis, the preferred variety detected was Baragang 12/14 (59.400 mm±3.361) which had the hardest gel among the traditional rice varieties analysed. Hard rice gel consistency variety is not sticky when cooked. Consumers prefer intermediate rice gel consistency varieties. There was no significant correlation between rice amylose content, rice gelatinization temperature and rice gel consistency. From mineral content analysis, the most abundant mineral found in the rice varieties are potassium (K) which was highest in Taragong 13/09 (125.84 ppm), magnesium (Mg) which was highest in Tadong 12/51 (46.89 ppm) and calcium (Ca) which was highest in Purak 12/16 (4.43 ppm). There is no preferred variety that was preferred in all mineral elements.

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