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Abu Hassan Othman, (1998) Teks Ucapan Naib Canselor Sempena Majlis Ikrar Pelajar Baru Sesi 1998/1999. In: Majlis lkrar Pelajar Baru Sesi 1997/1998, 29 Mei 1998, Auditorium Yayasan Sabah.

Abu Hassan Othman, Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. (1998) Penutupan Seminar Bencana Alam. In: Penutupan Seminar Bencana Alam .

Ahmad Haji Yahya, (1998) 40 peratus anak tempatan jejak kaki ke UMS. Borneo Mail .

Ahmad Haji Yassin, (1998) Ciri-ciri wajah kampung perlu dijiwai: Nasir. Borneo Mail .


Belkhamza, Nour Eddine and Benblidia, Nadjia and Ali Chekima, (1998) Image compression by discrete cosine transformation. In: Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing, 2-4 November 1998, Boston, MA..

Bernama, (1998) 17 jerung paus dikesan: Marin. Borneo Mail .


C. N. A. Razak, and F. Salam, and Kamaruzaman Hj. Ampon, Brig. Jen. Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. and M. Basri, and A. B. Salleh, (1998) Development of an ELISA for detection of parathion, carbofuran, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in water, soil, vegetables, and fruits. In: 14th International Enzyme Engineering Conference, 12-17 October 1997, Beijing, China.


D., Hopkins W. and J., Chudek A. and E., Bignell D. and J, Frouz and E., Webster A. and T, Lawson (1998) Application of C-13 NMR to investigate the transformations and biodegradation of organic materials by wood- and soil-feeding termites, and a coprophagous litter-dwelling dipteran larva. In: NMR in Environmental Sciences Symposium, Eden, Netherlands.

D.E. Bignell, and D.W. Hopkins, and J.A. Chudek, and J. Frouz, and E.A. Webster, and T. Lawson, (1998) Application of 13C NMR to investigate the transformations and biodegradation of organic materials by wood- and soil-feeding termites, and a coprophagous litter-dwelling dipteran larva. Biodegradation, 9 (6). pp. 423-431. ISSN 0923-9820

Davis, Andrew J. and Sutton, Stephen L. (1998) The effects of rainforest canopy loss on arboreal dung beetles in Borneo: Implications for the measurement of biodiversity in derived tropical ecosystems. Diversity and Distributions, 4 (4). pp. 167-173. ISSN 13669516


Fatimah Md. Yusoff, and M., Happey-Wood C. and Ann Anton, Datin (1998) Vertical and seasonal distribution of phytoplankton in a tropical reservoir, Malaysia. In: 3rd International Conference on Reservoir Limnology and Water Quality , 11-15 August 1997 , Ceske Bude Jovice, Czeh Republic.


Hopkins, David W. and Chudek, John A. and Bignell, David E. and N., Frouz, Jan A. and Webster, Elizabeth A. and T., Lawson (1998) Application of ₁₃ C NMR to investigate the transformations and biodegradation of organic materials by wood- and soil-feeding termites, and a coprophagous litter-dwelling dipteran larva. Biodegradation, 9 (6). pp. 423-431. ISSN 09239820

Hussin Kasau, (1998) Bahasa Inggeris masih penting : Osu. Borneo Mail .


Lawton, John H. and E., Bignell D. and Barry, Barry and F., Bloemers G. and Eggleton, Paul and Hammond, Peter M. and Hodda, Mike E. and Holt, Robert D. and Larsen, Tad B. and Mawdsley, Nick A. and Stork, Nigel E. and Srivastava, Diane S. and Watt, Allan D. (1998) Biodiversity inventories, indicator taxa and effects of habitat modification in tropical forest. Nature, 391 (6662). pp. 72-76. ISSN 00280836


Mohd Lokman H., and Rosnan Y., and Ejria Saleh, and Shazili N. A. M., and Kassim K. K. Y., (1998) Deducing sediment transport direction and the relative importance of rivers on a tropical microtidal beach using the "McLaren model". Environmental Geology, 34 (2-3). pp. 128-134. ISSN 0943-0105

Mohd Yusof Abu Bakar , (1998) UMS turut tingkatkan jumlah kemasukan pelajar. Berita Harian .

Muhd Yusuf Abu Bakar , (1998) UMS sedia bakal guru. Berita Harian .


Qasim Ahmad, (1998) Sains sosial: meneliti kejituan pendekatannya dan cabaran yang dihadapi. Jurnal Kinabalu (eJK), 4 . pp. 30-57. ISSN 1394-4517


Rozzalin Hashim, (1998) Lodging for 1,776 UMS students solved. Daily Express .


S., Lau and Maryati Mohamed, Datin and Tan, Chi Yen A. and S., Su'Ut (1998) Accumulation of heavy metals in freshwater molluscs. Science of the Total Environment, 214 (1-3). pp. 113-121. ISSN 00489697

Sutton, Stephen L. (1998) Alice grows up: canopy science in transition from Wonderland to Reality. In: Meeting of the European-Science-Foundation Canopy Research Programme, 1998, ST Annes Coll, Oxford, Englad.


T., Greer and Kawi Bidin, and I., Douglas (1998) A spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3) based technique for analysing storm suspended sediment data with particular reference to logging disturbance in tropical forests. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 23 (13). pp. 1235-1246. ISSN 0197-9337


UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS jalankan kajian jerung paus di perairan Sabah. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Avoid politics or face action, students told. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) BTI, UMS to work together. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Gabungan tenaga YS-UMS terserlah. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) IDS enters deal with UMS. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Kuota untuk pelajar Sabah kekal 40 peratus dalam Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Kursus Kem Matematik berkesan. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) More diploma courses available locally soon. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) MoU on devt of human resources for tourism. Borneo Mail . p. 3.

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Pembangunan pendidikan diperhatikan. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Perjanjian sefahaman dengan UMS disyor. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Sakaran dilantik Canselor UMS. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) State wants forestry sector restructured. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Token of Appreciation. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS anjur seminar rumpai laut. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS dapat 296 unit rumah untuk pelajar. Berita Harian .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS main campus is not affected. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS nak kaji jerung paus di perairan Sabah. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS offers management course. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS perlu kerjasama selidik ekologi hutan tropika. Berita Harian .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS students do their bit for society. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS Tawar Kadazandusun. Borneo Mail .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS temui kaedah baru tanam sayuran tanah tinggi. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS, Dept to embark research on wildlife. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Bangun kampus utama UMS diteruskan. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Naib Canselor UMS ditauliah Kolonel. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) Two new deputy Vice Chancellors at UMS. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS : Red tide in Sabah not linked to sea warming. Daily Express .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS terima peruntukan tambahan. Berita Harian .

UNSPECIFIED, (1998) UMS laksana perbelanjaan berhemat. Berita Harian .

UNSPECIFIED , (1998) UMS, JHL meterai MoU berhubung penyelidikan. Daily Express .


Wan Azizi Wan Ibrahim , (1998) UMS tawar 850 tempat. Berita Harian .

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