The impacts of atmospheric and landcover forcings on precipitation extremes in Malaysia

Choo, Phaik Yeong (2010) The impacts of atmospheric and landcover forcings on precipitation extremes in Malaysia. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Most of the world's population are concentrated within the monsoon regions where precipitation changes and strength of monsoons are closely related. Climate changes is modelled by PRECIS under atmospheric, land cover, and combined forcings for the maximum, minimum as well as more than 10 mm/day precipitation changes, for A2 and 62 scenarios of the IPCC. Significant changes in the maximum of comparatively low precipitation are found under land cover scenarios. Severe reduction in maximum precipitation of more than 20 mm/day is found under land cover and combined forcings which also showed distinctly high changes in minimum precipitation (0.25 mm/day to 2.5 mm/day). October and November were projected a higher increase in future minimum precipitation of >2 mm/day. Precipitation of > 10mm/day changes by first maximum shifted from March to April with increased precipitation in August for all scenarios. Highest reduction of > 2mm/day falls in April due to atmospheric forcing alone. For most of the scenarios, the higher negative changes for precipitation greater than 10 mm/day falls on February with an average daily reduction of more than 1 mm/day. Combined forcing shows greater effect and the changes is higher for combined forcing followed by land cover forcing. Visualised data also shows an increased in Intensities changes and area affected by climate change. Simulated results showed that there's a trend in losing the monsoon season due to both forcings under both A2 and 62 for the maximum and SRES 62 only for the minimum. Future climate is expected to be drier in the month of January and February while wetter in the month of April, October, November and December.

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