Characterization and screening of thermophilic strains for phenol degradation

Di, Doris Yoong Wen (2009) Characterization and screening of thermophilic strains for phenol degradation. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This research is about characterization, screening, and enzymatic assay for potential phenol degrader. The objectives of this research are to characterize the thermophilic strains, to screen the thermophilic strains towards utilization of phenol at various concentration, and to detect the catechol 2,3 dioxygenase activities. Three thermophilic strains that isolated from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB), namely NAedEFBs-Cr1, NAdEFBus-Cr1. and RdEFBs-Cr1 were characterized by their colony morphology and cellular morphology. All these three strains are cocci, aerobic bacteria, have no endospore, are not able to reduce sulphur, and cream in colour. For NAedEFBs-Crl and RdEFBs-Crl, both are Gram-positive and not motile bacterium whereas NAdEFBus-Crl is a Gram-negative and motile bacterium. All the three strains were tested for their growth curve at 40°C, 50 °C, and 60°C for 24 hours incubation at 200 rpm. The growth temperature is at 40 °e. Among the three strains, NAdEFBus-Cr1 is the most tolerance toward phenol where it can grow dense in phenol-containing Ramsay Agar at concentrations of 0.5 mM, 1.0 mM, and 1.5 mM. This strain also shows the highest growth of cells in phenol-containing Ramsay broth tested by CFU mL�¹ and Optical Density (OD) 600 nm at different concentrations of phenol. The results are 4.14 x 10� CFU mL�¹, 3.58 x 10� CFU mL�¹ and 3.46 x 10� CFU mL�¹ ; 0.843, 0.804, and 0.817 respectively. Catechol 2.3 dioxygenase was used to detect the catabolism of phenol by meta- pathway. Yellow formations in both spray plate method and test-tube method showed that NAedEFBs-Cr1, NAdEFBus-Cr1), and RdEFBs-Cr1) degrade phenol via meta-pathway.

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Keyword: phenol degrader, thermophilic strains, phenol, Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB), spray plate method, test-tube method
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