Enzymatic Synthesis of Hydroquinone β-Xyloside from Xylooligosaccharides

Joko Sulistyo and Yoshi Kamiyama and Hirotaka Ito and Tsuneo Yasui (1994) Enzymatic Synthesis of Hydroquinone β-Xyloside from Xylooligosaccharides. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 58 (7). pp. 1311-1313. ISSN 0916-8451


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β-Xylosidase of Aspergillus pulverulentus catalyzes a transxylosylation reaction from xylooligosaccharides to acceptor hydroquinone. Two transfer products were purified and their structures were examined. These were identified as hydroquinone β-(1→4)-xyloside and hydroquinone 4-O-(β-xylosyl)-β-xyloside. The hydrolysis of these glycosides apparently took place accompanying the synthesis of the transfer products.

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Keyword: β-Xylosidase, Aspergillus pulverulentus, hydroquinone
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