The diversity analysis of moulds contaminating commercial poultiy feed

Joko Sulistyo and Sri Handayani (2000) The diversity analysis of moulds contaminating commercial poultiy feed. Jurnal Mikrobiologi Indonesia, 5 (2). pp. 36-38. ISSN 0853-358X


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Samples of poultry feed were collected from several poultry shops around Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung, which represented different location altitudes. Samples were inoculated onto Sahouraud's glucose agar then incubated at 25 and 37°C to determine kinds and populations of moulds which potentially contaminate the feed. The experimental analysis for different altitudes and inèubation temperatures was carried out using factorial completely design 3 x 2 with three replicates. Results Indicated that there were 14 dIfferent kinds of moulds recovered from all samples. Location altitudes and incubation temperatures did not significantly influenced p>O.O5 the kinds of moulds, how ever, significantly influenced p.cO.O5 the population number of moulds. Interaction occurred between different incubation temperatures and location altitudes and the highest population number of moulds was obtained feed from low altitude area Jakarta at incubation temperature of 25°C.

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Keyword: poultryfeed, mould, temperature, altitude
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