The phylogenetic analysis of selected Boesenbergia species (family: Zingiberaceae) from Crocker Range.

Cheong, Chai Yin (2010) The phylogenetic analysis of selected Boesenbergia species (family: Zingiberaceae) from Crocker Range. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This study was done to analyse the phylogenetic data of the Boesenbergia species found In Crocker Range. Four Boesenbergia species were collected from the substations Monggis and Ulu Kimanis, namely, Boesenbergia variegate, Boesenbergia sp. 1 and two specimens of Boesenbergia pulchella. The relationships among these four Boesenbergia species were examined by sequences of Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS) of the nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA). Tamijia flagellaris was used as outgroup. The 50% majority-rule consensus tree was constructed from combined ITS 1 and ITS 2 regions grouped the Boesenbergiain this study into 2 main clades: Glade A (Boesenbergia variegata, Boesenbergia sp., B. flavorvbra, B. rotunda, B.jangarunii, B. aurantiaca, B. anneniaca, B. aff. burttiana, B. aff. variegate, B. parva, B. cordata, B. orbiculata and B. belalongensis) and Clade B (Boesenbergia pulchella, B. pulchella. var. attenuate, B. aff. longiflora, B. basispicata, B. gelatinosa, B. longiflora, and B. plicata). The Boesenbergia species collected from the field were confirmed as Boesenbergia variegatea nd Boesenbergiap ulchella based on the phylogenetic data. Besides that, the Boesenbergia species was predicted to be concentrated at the northern and centre part of Crocker Range by using the species distribution model Maxent.

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Keyword: phylogenetic data, Boesenbergia,Internal Transcribed Spacers, nuclear ribosomal DNA, Tamijia flagellaris
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