Experimental infection of Vibrio harveyi in different water salinity in Epinephelus fuscoguttatus, tiger grouper

Ruzaini Ahmad (2010) Experimental infection of Vibrio harveyi in different water salinity in Epinephelus fuscoguttatus, tiger grouper. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This experiment was done in order to examine the effect of V. harveyi to E. fuscoguttatus through experimental infection. V. harveyi were inserted in five different water salinities which were 10 ppt, 15ppt, 20 ppt, 25 ppt and 30 ppt. The parameters that examined were mortality rate of the fish species, bacteria colony formation in the organ and bacteria colony formation in the water that inserted with the bacteria. The bacteria colony formations were calculated by incubating a sample of the bacteria from the water and organ thus counting the bacteria colony formed after 12 hours. Besides, the external and internal signs of the infection were also observed. The internal clinical signs were observed by histology process. The pathogenicity of the bacteria determined as the colony formation of the bacteria increased. This experiment shows that there is a significant difference in 30 ppt water salinity in terms of bacterial growth in the water and organ. There was no significant difference in 25 ppt, 20 ppt, 15 ppt and 10 ppt. The bacteria colony formation rate of V. harveyi increased with the increasing of water salinity. This experiment shows that 15 ppt gives slowest rate of mortality to the infected fish. Furthermore, the duration of time the fish showing the clinical signs also very slow if compared to the other fish in other salinity. There were no control fish died. The internal clinical signs were observed after histology process shows that V. harveyi infection caused lesions, necrosis, hemorrhages, shrunken of the blood vessel and thickening of the muscle while external signs are lethargy, swim spastically, swim abnormally and loss of swimming appetite. It is recommended to culture tiger grouper in 15 ppt.

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Keyword: V. harveyi, water salinity, experimental infection, E. fuscoguttatus
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