Biochemical and molecular characterization of photobacterium damselae isolates

Weil De Jordan Libumbun (2014) Biochemical and molecular characterization of photobacterium damselae isolates. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Photobaderium damselae is a causative agent of photobacteriosis or also known as pasteurellosis, an important disease in aquaculture industry that causes high mortality and major economic loss with increasing report to date from different countries. However, in Malaysia, the status of this pathogenic bacterium is unknown and there is almost no research studies reported. In this study, 20 Photobaderium damselae isolates were subjected to identification of their biochemical and molecular characteristics. Biochemical characterization was done by subjecting all isolates to antibiotic susceptibility test and biochemical test. Molecular characterization includes detection and identification of species by peR amplification using 165 rRNA gene, RAPD, RFLP and DNA sequencing. Identification was completed by using BLAST analysis results and it show no major variation among all the Photobacterium damselae isolates examined in this study. All bacterial isolates were resistant towards ampidllin and vancomydn but susceptible towards chloramphenicol, dprofloxadn, nitrofuratoin, oxolinic acid, tetracydine and trimethoprim respectively. Biochemical characterization results show in most subtests, majority of isolates exhibited similar result except for amino add decarboxylation and carbon utilization tests. Molecular characterization showed strains of some isolates were different by RAPD-PCR amplification. DNA sequendng farther ascertained the identity of the bacterial isolates to be Photobaderium damselae. In condusion, the present study reveals that Photobaderium damselae exist in marine aquaculture in sabah, Malaysia. This could allow cultured or farmed fish to face risk of photobacteriosis outbreaks. Hence, epidemiology study of this bacterial pathogen is urgently required in order to develop preventative measures for photobacteriosis caused by Photobaderium damselae.

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