An analysis of energy from typhoon in the Philippines (2008 - 2012)

Ting, Su Mou (2014) An analysis of energy from typhoon in the Philippines (2008 - 2012). Universiti Malaysia Sabah.


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Typhoon constitutes one of the most destructive extreme weather that affects many countries around the globe and exacts tremendous annual losses in term of lives and property. The study of typhoon energy can give the Information about the typhoon intensity and thus better management and preparation can be done toward this destructive natural disaster. The study focused on analysis of energy of the strongest typhoon In each the year from 2008 until 2012 via sea surface temperature along with mixed water depth and also dissipation of typhoon wind. A total of six typhoons occurred in the Philippines Area of Responsibility were determined. ARGO floats data of the typhoons before and after the passage of typhoons were obtained from PAGASA website and Argo Data Explorer software was used to read the downloaded data. Typhoon OFEL in 2008 was found removed the highest amount of heat energy from sea surface with the energy value of 5.60 x 10� J m�². Other typhoons also removed high amount of energy with the exception of Typhoon CHEDENG In 2011 that only removed 0.08 x 10� J m�² of heat energy. Mixed layer depth Is also vital in calculation of heat energy removed from sea surface. Typhoon JUAN in 2010 has the highest dissipation rate while OFEL in 2008 has the lowest dissipation rate. The dissipation rate for JUAN and OFEL were 0.581 x 10� J m�² and 0.198 x 10� J m�² respectively. Typhoon's Intensity does not show an increase or decrease trend during the year 2008 until 2012 for both methods. From this study, it shows that typhoon bring benefit to human beings as it carry excess heat from tropical oceans to the polar regions

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