Design, development and evaluation of a manually operated single row seed cum fertilizer drill (MOSiR-SF drill)

Chong, Khai Loong (2012) Design, development and evaluation of a manually operated single row seed cum fertilizer drill (MOSiR-SF drill). Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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Machinery is a modern agriculture practices in which most of the labours are replaced with machines to yield higher productivity, lower labour cost, and reduce drudgery. Seed-cum-fertilizer drill is one of these machines applied in the field to make seed sowing faster, easier and more efficient compared to traditional methods, viz. broadcasting. It opens up furrows, dropped seeds and fertilizers at a desirable rate and covers them with soils. Most of the seed drills in the local market are designed to be operated as an implement to the tractors, motor-powered or drawn by animal where each of these design requires higher cost and sophisticated technology. Whereas, a manually operated single row seed-cum-fertilizer drill is simple and low cost to be fabricated. Thus, to practice this technology, a manually-operated single-row seed cum- fertilizer drill, or simply named as MoSiR-SF drill will be designed, developed and evaluated. MoSiR-SF drill was designed to sow small-seeded vegetables. It consisted of several major components, which were the metering mechanism, furrow opener, seed and fertilizer hoppers, and the frame. The fabrication of the machine was generally accomplished in line with the design specification. However, fertilizer pellet with sticky nature was found to be incompatible with the hole-type metering mechanism. Evaluation for the performance of the prototype MoSiR-SF drill had been carried out in laboratory and actual field condition with choy sum seeds. In the result, prototype was delivering satisfactory performance with sowing efficiency measured up to 95% under actual field condition.

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Keyword: MoSiR-SF drill, Seed-cum-fertilizer, prototype
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