Seasonal variations of sea level and the trends in Johor Bahru

Nagammai Kannappan (2014) Seasonal variations of sea level and the trends in Johor Bahru. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Sea level rise has become the issue that everyone is discussing about in this 21st century. This was induced by the ongoing climate change issue where visible effects of these such as hot weathers are being experienced by everyone. Although globally, many scientist have started looking into this issues, locally this is sadly very much understudied. In order to be able to actually determine the effects of sea levels on each local areas, local sea level studies must be carried out as global sea level rates cannot help us at all. This study was done to determine the sea level trends in Johor Bahru for over a period of 28 years. The yearly, monthly and daily sea level data's were obtained from Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) and also University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre (UHSLC). This data was then analyzed separately through time series and linear regression analysis to produce a sea level trend. The cumulated Sea Level Trend analysis was then carried out to determine if the sea level trends were stable for future sea level projection in Johor Bahru. The results from this study was that sea levels in Johor Bahru have risen 89 mm in the last 28 years and will continue to rise at a rate of 3.18 mm per year, almost double the global sea level trends. Monthly sea level anomaly was also observed and then correlated with the formations of El-Nino and La nina events. The results of this study can help the local residents, town planning committee and state government of Johor to carry out proper coastal managements and mitigative steps to prevent beach erosions and land losses.

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Keyword: climate change, hot weathers, PSMSL
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