Perubahan ciri-ciri medium mesokarpa selepas satu kitaran penanaman cili dengan menggunakan sistem fertigasi

Liew, Chun Yik (2016) Perubahan ciri-ciri medium mesokarpa selepas satu kitaran penanaman cili dengan menggunakan sistem fertigasi. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Perubahan ciri ciri medium mesokarpa selepas satu kitaran penanaman ciri dengan menggunakan sistem fertigasi.pdf

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This research was conducted to determine the potential of mesocarp medium as a growing medium in soilless culture and to identify the alternative for the main soilless growing medium, cocopeat. The potential of the mesocarp as medium were identified through the changes of the physica~ chemical and biological characteristics after one cycle of chili planting. There were four treatments and one control in this research which are cocopeat (contro/), untreated mesocarp, mesocarp (boiled for 15 minutes), mesocarp (boiled for 30 minutes) and mesocarp (boiled for 45 minutes). CRBD (Completely Randomize Block Design) was used in this research and all the data was analysed by using One Way ANOVA. Parameter that conducted in this research are bulk density, porosity, water holding capacity,shrinkage, pH, EC, concentration of nitrogen, concentration of carbon. Based on the findings, medium mesocarp show no Significant difference (p~0.05) with control in water holding capacity, porosity and pH. Meanwhile medium mesocarp show significant difference with control in bulk density, EC, concentration of nitrogen and concentration of carbon. Thus In conclUSion, this research suggest that mesocarp boiled for 30 minutes can substitute coco peat for soilless culture because have most similar characteristics cocopeat in soilless culture due to the stability of this medium after one cycle of planting.

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Keyword: Soilless culture, soilless growing medium, cocopeat, chili planting
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
Department: FACULTY > Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture
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Date Deposited: 08 Jan 2018 15:45
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